Friday, October 28, 2011

David Gilmour live in London 2006 - 2DVD

Hop The Pond proudly presents:

HOP 010, "Home, home again", David Gilmour, Royal Albert Hall, London, 30th May 2006, a 3 camera 2 DVD set.

Camera 1.
Filmed from block U of the Circle section on a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV PAL camera, shot in 1080i High Definition with a pair of DPA 4063 mics.

Camera 2.
Filmed from block O Stalls on a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV PAL camera, shot in 1080i High Definition with a pair of DPA 4063 mics.

Camera 3 .
Filmed from block F Arena floor unknown DV camera.
Captured to DV AVI via a Canpous ADVC100, "converted" to 16:9 aspect ratio with vegas 7.

Due to there being no cheap media available to play and distribute High Def Video at the moment this has been converted for normal DVD viewing.

Constant Bit rate: 6000kbps (Echoes @ 8500kbps)
Aspect ratio:16:9

Menus, editing, conversions all done with Vegas 6, DVD authoring with REEL DVD.

Disc 1:
Breathe Reprise
On An Island (w/Crosby & Nash)
The Blue (w/Crosby & Nash)
Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes (w/Robert Wyatt)
Take A Breath
A Pocketful Of Stones
Where We Start.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (w/Crosby & Nash)
Fat Old Sun
Arnold Layne,

Total running time: 1:35:18

Disc 2:
Coming Back To Life
High Hopes
Great Gig In The Sky (w/Mica Paris)
Wish You Were Here
Find The Cost Of Freedom (w/Crosby & Nash)
Comfortably Numb

Total running time: 1:03:43

This was the second of Davids shows in London, i'd pretty much finished a two HD cam edit of this show when another source was seeded. Whilst this 3rd source was incomplete i used it to fill a few gaps in the 2 camera edit. Only approx 20 minutes of footage from the 3rd camera was used.

Video and audio (used from camera 1 ) are excellent quality and video is only slightly let down by the very low lighting that the venue has during performances. The strobes and lights during echoes were a test for the HD cameras and that track has been rendered at 8500kbps, there may still be slight signs of pixelation though. Disc 1 is chapter indexed, has main menu plus track selection menu, Disc 2 is chapter indexed but no menus.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here
Download part 9 here
Download part 10 here
Download part 11 here
Download part 12 here
Download part 13 here
Download part 14 here
Download part 15 here
Download part 16 here
Download part 17 here
Download part 18 here
Download part 19 here
Download part 20 here
Download part 21 here
Download part 22 here
Download part 23 here
Download part 24 here
Download part 25 here

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