Friday, March 23, 2012

New site - new guide to live concerts

After working on a new site for weeks (and didn't get what I hoped), I decided to team up with an old trader friend. He was working on building his own bootleg databank and we joined our sites and we would like to present it to you now. We are far from finished but after all this will be an ongoing project.
On our site we will post: complete tour history, recorded live history, artwork, screenshots of video's, sample audio tracks, setlists, show facts and much more. And we want to included as many artists and bands as we can. We will also create our own artwork. There will be many many things on our site that will not be on World of Bootlegs so check the site regularly.
We would like to ask you one thing...
My old trader friend and I both will (and have) spent alot of our free time in this new site. We also work freelance meaning we don't have a steady income. This is what we want to ask you: Please, click one or two ads every time you visit our site. When we make some money we can also say no to a job and work on our site instead. So we will work for the money that comes in.
We don't ask you to donate, just to click one or two ads and that's it. In return you get a great site with lots and lots of info on live concerts.

Well, enough said, here we go:

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