Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NEW: Pink Floyd interview from September 1970

Pink Floyd
September or very early October 1970
interview University of New York

Interview by some college reporters, Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason are present and unfortunately the reporters are too stoned to ask really original questions, but spurs for interesting conversation.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

NEW: Pink Floyd live in Montreux 1971 - 2CD - September 18 & 19

Pink Floyd
Montreux Jazz Festival,Montreux,Switzerland
9/18 + 9/19/1971
Swingin Pig Records 1990


      Disc 1:
       1. Echoes                                      24:52
       2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene               13:14
       3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun   14:52
          Total:                                      53:00
      Disc 2:
       1. Cymbaline                                   13:05
       2. Atom Heart Mother                           31:49
       3. A Saucerful Of Secrets                      21:12
          Total:                                      66:08


      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright(RIP)
      Nick Mason

This comes directly from the 2 cd set I purchased in a used record store some
10 or so years ago.I'm not sure if this is a soundboard recording or not I'm
no expert when it comes to audio,so perhaps someone can shed some light on that
matter.Either way it is an excellent recording and quite enjoyable to listen to.
I've seen that there were a few other releases of this show,I've never heard
them so I can't say how this one would stack up against the others.


NEW: Pink Floyd live in Montreux 1970 - 2CD - November 22

Pink Floyd
Altes Casino
Montreux, Switzerland
November 22nd 1970

Source: audience recording / recorder 1* + recorder 2

Disc 1 - Recorder 1 (62:50m)
1. Announcer (0:10m)
3. FAT OLD SUN (12:36m)
4. CYMBALINE (10:54m)

Disc 2 - Recorder 2 (41:23m)
2. THE EMBRYO (12:07m)

The 2nd night at Montreux unearthed, though not in fantastic shape, this is
all we could find. This came to me as a mix of 2 recorders, what i call
recorder 1 sounding really nice, a nice EX (and it sounds as being an old
soundboard recording... but who knows, for now, let's call it recorder 1)
and recorder 2, which sounds inferior but decent really.

Both recordings are incomplete, and they were kindly given to me by Piggy,
from his own Reel he got from an 'old hippy' some years ago, which he
brought to a professional studio to transfer to DAT (which cost him $75!).

Was hard to compare to what we have from the night before, but after an
extensive comparison of the announcements before Green is the Colour from
recorder 1, and even some drum fills and patterns, we came to the conclusion
that this is indeed a genuine recording from the 2nd night.

The story with recorder 1 is that it sounds as an old soundboard recording,
more than an audience one, besides, from some info that Piggy gathered, it
says that this recorder 1 was broadcasted on the radio, so this 'recorder 1'
could be a recording from the radio, or it could be even from the EMI acetates,
since both nights were professionally taped for a future release, and also,
this rec1 includes an announcer, but i cant pinpoint if this announcer is right
on the stage or if it's some kind of Radio introduction. Also, one of the
recorders is said to be recorded on an AKAI recorder with 2 mono microphones,
6m in front of the stage, but i cant tell which one of the 2. So for now, till
some info appears, we would call this 'recorder 1'.

No processing was done to the recording, only pitch and speed correction which
was really needed (recorder 1 ran slow and recorder 2 ran fast, with the final
portion of CwtAE being damaged and running very fast, as the reel was ending,
if you know what i mean). Also, recorder 1 suffers of some channel dropping,
but we decided to leave the source as we received it. There some hiss on
recorder 1 too, but this is how we obtained it. Also, even though this was
speed corrected, some speed fluctuations still occur. Seems this reel wasnt in
the best conditions but hey, does that matter?

The performance is nice, i like it better than the one from the previous night,
great versions of Fat Old Sun and Cymbaline.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as i did.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Amsterdam 1969 - 2CD - September 17 - soundboard

Pink Floyd
Complete Concertgebouw 1969
September 17, 1969
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very cool, very eclectic show. Some awesome psychedelia here. An excellent recording that lent itself well to the remastering process. Some of the audience passages were really loud compared to the show material and that was evened out.The low end on the orignal was a bit out of control and the high-end was dull. Now the whole thing is much more accurate in range, and digitally maximized. It's almost as if you were there.

Part I - The Man
Disc One:
1. Introduction                          1:00
2. Daybreak                              8:11
3. Work                                  3:53
4. Teatime                               3:34
5. Afternoon                             5:13
6. Doing It                              4:03
7. Sleep                                 4:37
8. Nightmare                             9:14
9. Daybreak (Part Two)                   1:21

Part II - The Journey
Disc Two:
1. The Beginning                         4:55
2. Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep    6:27
3. The Narrow Way                            5:13
4. The Pink Jungle                               4:48
5. The Labyrinths Of Auximenes          6:39
6. Behold The Temple Of Light            5:31
7. The End Of The Beginning               6:54

Free Range Pigs (FRP CDR-007/008)
This is the complete soundboard source as recorded by Hilversum 3 Radio

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RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Pumpton 1969 - 1CD - August 8

Plumpton Racetrack, East Sussex, England
9th National Jazz, Pop, Ballads and Blues Festival
August 8th, 1969

1.) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
2.) Nightmare (Cymbaline)
3.) The Beginning (Green is the Colour)
    (Beset By Creatures of the Deep) Careful with that Axe, Eugene
    The Narrow Way
4.) (The Pink Jungle, The Labyrinths of Auxeminies, Behold the
    Temple of Light, The End of the Beginning) Saucerful of Secrets

artwork included

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Monday, November 11, 2013

RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Rotterdam 1967 - 1CD - November 13

Artist: Pink Floyd
Date: 13th November 1967
Venue: Oude Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, Netherlands

1. Reaction in G - 4.14
2. Pow R. Toc H. - 11.30
3. Scream Thy Last Scream - 4.46
4. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun - 9.07
5. Interstellar Overdrive - 14.24

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RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Copenhagen 1967 - 1CD - September 13

Artist: Pink Floyd
Date: 13th September 1967
Venue: The Star Club, Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Stoned Alone 6.43
2. Arnold Layne 4.01
3. One in a Million 6.40
4. Matilda Mother 6.58
5. Scream Thy Last Scream 5.36
6. Astronomy Domine 7.44

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