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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Chicago 1972 - 2CD - April 28

Pink Floyd
April 28, 1972
The Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois

Disc 1
 1. Speak To Me 1:58
 2. Breathe  3:15
 3. The Traveler's Sequence  5:17
 4. Time  5:41
 5. Breathe (reprise)  1:04
 6. The Mortality Sequence  4:19
 7. Money  6:51
 8. Us & Them  7:37
 9. Dave's Scat Section  6:19
10. Brain Damage  3:51
11. Eclipse  2:01
Total Time 48:13

Disc 2
 1. One of these Days  9:06
 2. Careful what Axe, Eugene  13:08
 3. Echoes  24:28
 4. Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun  13:19
Total Time 60:01

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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Cincinnati 1972 - 2CD - April 23

Pink Floyd
Music Hall
Cincinnati, OH

Disc 1

1. Speak To Me / Breathe
2. On The Run (Jam)
3. Time
4. Breathe (Reprise)
5. The Mortality Sequence
6. Money
7. Us & Them
8. Any Colour You Like
9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Disc 2
1. One Of These Days
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Echoes Cut
4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

CD Bootleg: High In the Middle            
Label: kingjollytrouser
Quality: VG+/EX-


The setlist is unremarkable save for the rarely played (in '72) "A Saucerful of Secrets." It's an overall good performance including a great "Travel Sequence" and "Any Colour You Like," and the bonus of a edit-shortened "The Mortality Sequence." (Other edits to beware of are a fade out- fade in near the beginning of OOtD, and an Echoes cut short.)

David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Recordet Live at The Music Hall, Cincinatti, OH, USA 1972-04-23

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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Columbia 1972 - 2CD - April 16

Pink Floyd
Date: 1972-04-16
Location: Township Auditorium Columbia, SC USA
CD Bootleg: Paper Money            
Quality: VG

Tracklist on original cover art is incorrect. Correct artwork is included.
correct track list of the roio is: dsotm set, one of these days, cwtae,ahm,asos, childhood's end, blues. childhood's end is from 1972 dec 01 rtl broadcast. Blues is from the Taft Auditorium show, 20 November 1971.

Disc: 1

01. Breathe (3:04)
02. On The Run (5:29)
03. Time - Breathe (reprise) (7:47)
04. The Great Gig In The Sky (3:36)
06. Money (7:36)
07. Us And Them (7:45)
08. Any Colour You Like (5:18)
09. Brain Damage (2:45)
10. One Of These Days - Careful With That Axe Eugene (21:04)

Disc: 2
01. Atom Heart Mother (16:41)
02. A Saucerful Of Secrets (14:07)
03. Childhood's End (8:07)
04. Blues (8:21)

David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Recorded Live at The Township Auditorium Columbia, SC USA 1972-04-16

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RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in San Diego 1971 - 2CD - October 17

Pink Floyd
"From Oblivion"
San Diego, USA
October 17, 1971
artwork included

Disc one:
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Fat Old Sun
Atom Heart Mother
The Embryo
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Disc two:
One Of These Days
A Saucerful Of Secrets
Green Is The Colour
Floyd's Blues

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RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live at Bradford University 1971 - 2CD - October 10

Pink Floyd

Title: One Of These Days In Bradford
       Free Range Pigs (FRP SCS-CDR001/002)
Date: 10 October, 1971
Location: The Great Hall, Bradford University, Yorkshire, England
Source: Audience
Rating: VG+

Tape One - Side A:
1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 12:16
2. Tuneups 01:30
3. Fat Old Sun   12:55
4. Tuneups 01:36
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Intro) 01:47

Tape One - Side B:
6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 12:39
7. Tuneups 01:28
8. Atom Heart Mother   16:00

Tape Two - Side A:
1. Atom Heart Mother (Outro)   01:33
2. Echoes 23:53
3. Cymbaline (Pt. 1) 04:46

Tape Two - Side B:
4. Cymbaline (Pt. 2) 02:56
5. Tuneups 02:16
6. One Of These Days I'm Going To Cut You Into  06:03
   Little Pieces
7. A Saucerful Of Secrets  12:53
8. Pink Blues 05:08
Total: 119:46

Comments: From a very clean clone of the master cassettes. These tapes are the source for every Bradford release that you have heard. This is a direct transfer from the first generation tapes which date from 1971.

The recording includes all tune-ups and band chatter between tracks. The boys are in a playful mood, as you can tell by their interaction with the audience, which is very quiet during the songs. There is no appreciable hiss. The taper also used 60 minute cassettes, 30 minutes to a side, which is obvious by the breaks.

- 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene': The recording begins with the first few notes of the song. I
   especially like Roger's scream since it is--by my count--a full 19 seconds long!
- 'Fat Old Sun': A great jam session. Vocals are not perfectly clear, but you can hear every word.      There are some interesting guitar licks during the tune-ups.
- 'Set The Controls': The first tape flip occurs during the intro. After the song, Roger introduces    'Atom Heart Mother' then says the band is going to take a break, followed by what sounds like
   "then we're going to have a drink."
- 'Atom Heart Mother': During the intro, there are several pops which sound as if they might have
   been due to a loose microphone lead.
- 'Echoes': The opening pings to this "new piece" just pierces your skull.
- 'Cymbaline': The "footsteps" sequence goes on for quite a while. The third and final tape flip
   occurs during this sequence.
- 'One Of These Days': David introduces this new song using its full title. This was the second
   performance of this song, the first was at the BBC 0n 30 September.
- 'A Saucerful Of Secrets': The final break in the tape occurs prior to 'Celestial Voices'.

RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in London 1971 - 1CD - August 30

Pink Floyd
Harvested CDR 001
Paris Cinema, London, England
artwork included

remastered by 13
As for the recording, wow. I'm speechless.
As for what I did, a few hard line frequencies needed to be controlled, then slightly enhanced and maximized.
As for why I did it, the ultimate hope of having it be even more enjoyable for me to listen to. It is indeed.
As for sharing, that's for you to decide.

01 Fat Old Sun                 15:29
02 One Of These Days       7:31
03 Echoes                        26:35
04 Embryo                       10:05
05 Blues                             4:56

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RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Osaka 1971 - 2CD - August 9

Pink Floyd
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
artwork included

This is Sigma lavel's latest bootleg "OSAKA 1971 (Sigma 67)".
Probably taken from the master or 1st gen tape.
Some after song parts slightly longer than 2nd gen source.

Disc 1
1. Green Is A Colour
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Fat Old Sun
4. Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2
1. Echoes
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
3. Cymbaline
4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Total time:

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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Foxboro 1988 - 3CD - June 8

Pink Floyd
8th June 1988
Foxboro, Mass.
Sullivan Stadium

Disc 1
01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts.1-5  12:22
02 Signs Of Life  3:40
03 Learning To Fly  6:07
04 Yet Another Movie  6:28
05 Round And Around  0:49
06 A New Machine Part 1  1:37
07 Terminal Frost  6:24
08 A New Machine Pt.2  0:38
09 Sorrow  10:48
10 The Dogs Of War  8:08
11 On The Turning Away  9:26
Total Time 66:27

Disc 2
01 One Of These Days  7:47
02 Time  5:45
03 On The Run  4:17
04 The Great Gig In The Sky  5:09
05 Wish You Were Here  5:07
06 Welcome To The Machine  8:24
07 Us And Them  7:34
08 Money  10:49
09 Another Brick In The Wall Part 2  5:42
Total Time 60:34

Disc 3
01 Comfortably Numb  11:51
02 One Slip  6:36
03 Run Like Hell  9:06
Total Time 27:33

David Gilmour Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars
Nick Mason Drums & Percussion
Rick Wright Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals

The Accomplices:
Jon Carin Keyboards & Vocals
Racel Fury Backing Vocals
Durga McBroom Backing Vocals
Scott Page Saxophone & Guitar
Guy Pratt Bass Guitar & Vocals
Tim Renwick Guitars & Vocals
Margaret Taylor Backing Vocals
Gary Wallis Percussion


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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Oakland 1977 - 2CD - May 9

So here it is!  Animal Instincts rev B (HRV-CDR-014)
Pink Floyd recorded live at the Oakland Coliseum
May 9, 1977.

Disc One:
Pigs On The Wing (part 1)
Pigs On The Wing (part 2)
Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)
Welcome To The Machine

Disc Two:
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9)
Us And Them
Careful With That Axe, Eugene

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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Rome 1971 - 2CD - June 20

Pink Floyd - Live in Rome, Palaeur 1971-06-20
Source: AUD
Taped by: ?

01 Atom Heart Mother 18:50
02 Careful With That Axe, Eugene 14:27
03 Fat Old Sun 14:30
04 Embryo 11:45
01 Return Of The Son Of Nothing 24:04
02 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 12:03
03 Cymbaline 11:55
04 A Saucerful Of Secrets 18:27
05 Astronomy Domine 8:06

Artwork included

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RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Offenbach 1971 - 2CD - February 26

Pink Floyd
Grosser Stadthalle
Offenbach am Main, Germany
February 26th 1971

New High Definition transfer from Marbal's own 1st Generation backup reel.
Artwork production by Beechwoods.

    Set List
01 [09:01] Astronomy Domine
02 [03:52] Green Is The Colour
03 [10:36] Careful With That Axe, Eugene
04 [11:46] Embryo
05 [11:10] Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
06 [10:54] Cymbaline
07 [16:50] A Saucerful Of Secrets
08 [20:51] Atom Heart Mother
09 [02:04] Audience
10 [03:07] Atom Heart Mother (Reprise)
11 [05:56] Pink Blues

|| [106.15] Total

*** Beechwoods' Transfer Notes ***

This is the second in our Beechwoods / LPP series of Marbal tape transfers. Germersheim 1972 being the first. Marbal recorded his first Floyd show in February 1971, onto cassette. He no longer has the master cassette, but he made backups to both cassette and ¼" reel to reel sometime around 1981, and this is from his reel to reel copy of the show.

Versus the cassette, the reel sounded more open and so it was this that we decided to use as the source of this transfer.

Marbal was fastidious in the way he labeled his tapes. This one was numbered 'Reel 29' or in German 'Band 29'. We liked the sound of that, and so have adopted it as the name of this release.

In total I did 5 transfers of this tape. When working with old tapes I find it useful to try the tape on different machines and to work out the best source by ear.  After reviewing, the first 3 transfers were discarded. Transfer 4 sounded great, but there were occasional spots of bleed-through where the signal from the adjacent track was audible, and so a fifth transfer was done using the reverse play heads on the RT707. Evidently the alignment of these heads were slightly different to the forward-play heads, so the bleed-through was mostly gone but the transfer wasn't quite as open as the 4th transfer. Ultimately we compiled the best product by using the 5th transfer to patch the relevant bleed-through segments on the slightly better Transfer 4.

Marbal's reel was a mono transfer, recorded on one of 4 tracks laid down onto his ¼" tape. Old tape-heads will remember the way tape-decks would allow you to selectively record just one mono, or two stereo tracks to a side of tape in a single pass. Recording 4 mono tracks meant your tape went twice as far. So even mono recordings can experience bleed through!

Little Pieces worked with these raw transfers.

*** Littlepieces' Mastering Notes ***

This high resolution transfer is from the same 1st gen reel that Marbal torrented on Yeeshkul several years ago.  As Beechwood indicated the final solution was to use the original Pioneer RT707 transfer and patch the extended segments of bleed over with the reverse playback transfer.  I maximized the use of the superior Pioneer transfer by manually spectral cleaning segments of bleed over when possible.  Generally, when the bleed-through segments were too long and/or continuous for spectral cleaning, then the segment was patched with transfer 5. The process was a pain in the ass but it was the only way to retain and use the most of the superior transfer.

I would describe this recording as having three sections of different fidelity.  The first section is to near the end of Embryo about 33m into the recording.  It starts with the beginning of AD having some fluctuating levels and not quite as strong SQ as the rest of the section.  After AD stabilizes, this 1st section from about 3-4m to 33m has the best SQ in this recording.  The 2nd section begins near the end of Embryo ~33m and ends near the middle of AHM.  This section begins with a subtle falling off of the upper half which eventually becomes easily apparent.  The third section begins near the middle of AHM when the upper half falls off more and some lower frequencies, sub 200Hz, begin to be over-driven periodically.

Marbal's wishes were to improve this recording including the use of EQ to achieve results.  As usual the objective was to lift the fidelity of the recording while maintaining a natural sound quality.

As indicated the 1st section started with AD having level differences and some drop outs. The levels were smoothed and the dropouts repaired or improved and it's upper half was EQ'd variably in order to make it more consistent with the rest of the recording.  The levels of a big drop out at ~4:47m of AD were brought up significantly and smoothed in order to diminish its prominence.  The remainder of this 1st section to ~33m had some modest selective increases to the upper end.

The second section, which ends during the first half of AHM, required more and more increase to the upper half as it continued to fall off. The recording accepted this EQ very well and mostly obscured the differences between the first section and this second section.

The third section begins during the first half of AHM and required more increase to the upper half but it reached a point where further increases were no longer appropriate.  In addition this section had some of its sub 200Hz levels selectively reduced to help moderate the over-driven parts that began in this third section.  This also improved the mix somewhat since the upper half could not be increased any further without adversely effecting the recording.

Apparent throughout most of the recording particularly during quieter segments is a hum at various levels around 100Hz.  This was selectively reduced throughout the recording and is no longer prominent.

Throughout the recording minor dropouts were repaired or improved and the gain increased on some segments as well as noise disturbances removed manually.

On all tracks, I rolled off some hiss varying my approach according to the level and characteristics of the segment while being careful not to encroach on the harmonics.

Finally, I adjusted the speed as it was fast throughout the recording.

A couple of notes:

- There is 84s more audience between AHM and AHM reprise than the previous master torrent.
- Sounds like inside cut at 8:17m of STC.
- Interesting artifact that becomes apparent after the fall off of the upper half begins. A deficit or clearing is often visible on the Spectrograph or Spectral between 3-4k.  An example is during the footstep sequence on Cymbaline.
- Pretty Naked Women are good.

*** Marbal's Recollections ***

It was also a very cold day. The Stadthalle is a small venue, not comparable with the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt.  The little hall was very overheated due to outside weather conditions & in the beginning you can hear the crowd: "Heizung aus!, Heizung aus!" which means: "Heating off!".  Then at the beginning another comment from a friend of mine: "Hey seid mal ein bißchen leise" which means "Please keep a little more quiet" to the people around us showing to our recorder which was respected then most of the time.

After a few songs there was a little talking again about the comparison to Deep Purple which we've seen there before: "Deep Purple ist nichts dagegen - nichts dagegen? - Deep Purple ist SCHEISS dagegen!" which translates like this: "Deep Purple is nothing against this - nothing against this? - Deep Purple is SHIT against this!"

And so it was. Pink Floyd blew us away in a style which was incredible & for me only comparable with the Nektar show from 11.11.70.

It was an incredible sound & light in concert....

*** Note ***

Readers should not forget that ZDF arts show Aspekte recorded segments of the Offenbach show for broadcast on the 3rd March 1971, and that this footage was shared with collectors on the 'A Hamburg Moment' DVD, in stunning quality. Many thanks go to Marek and Pict who made that footage available. Stills from that DVD have been used to create the artwork for this release. Thank you.


RE-UPLOAD: Pink Floyd live in Münster 1971 - 1CD - February 24

Pink Floyd - 1971-02-24  Münster (Germany) by Hoka

Embryo  12:01

Green ist the Colour 08:14

Fat Old Sun 14:55

Cymbaline 07:09

Download this bootleg here