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RE-UP: Roger Waters & Eric Clapton live in Hartford 1984 - 2CD - July 18

Roger Waters with Eric Clapton
Civic Center
Hartford, Connecticut
July 18, 1984
artwork included
CD-R2 - Geetarz 190/191 - Aud 2

Disc 1:
   1. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
   2. Money
   3. If
   4. Welcome to the Machine
   5. Have a Cigar
   6. Wish You Were Here
   7. Pigs on the Wing
   8. In the Flesh
   9. Nobody Home
  10. Hey You
  11. The Gunner's Dream

Disc 2:
   Live Hitchiking (Various)

The Band:
Roger Waters bass guitar, vocals
Eric Clapton guitar
Tim Renwick guitar, bass guitar
Andy Newmark drums
Michael Kamen keyboards
Chris Stainton keyboards, bass guitar
Mel Collins saxophone
Doreen Chanter backing vocals
Katie Kissoon backing vocals

Geetarz Comments:
This was the second of two nights at the Civic Center in Hartford, Ct. on this mini tour.
Eric Clapton's stint with Roger Waters really was a pivotal turning point in his career. His management was decidely opposed to his appearance as a "sideman", but this collaboration brought out some of EC's finest playing in over 20 years.
I received this CD set in trade years ago, a cassette tape dump onto CD, with no individual tracks.
I extracted it, did some light EQ and noise reduction.  The "Pros and Cons" portion of the setlist I tracked as well as I could.  Personally (and I know I'm in a minority here), I find it tedious to the extreme so I did the best I could.
It is what it is, not very listenable at times but a worthy document of this tour.

Download this bootleg here

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