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RE-UP: Syd Barrett "Wondering & Dreaming volume 2" - 1DVD

Syd Barrett
Wondering & Dreaming
Vol.2 (1967)

1. Scene Special (Granada TV, 27-01-67)

Pink Floyd's perfomance was filmed on 27 january
and clips of "Interstellar Overdrive" and audio of "Matilda's
Mother" were used in Granada TV documentary arts programme,
which you found on this DVD.

Broadcast on the Granada ITV network on 7 february at 10.25pm.
It also included coverage of the infamous Albert Hall poetry reading in 1965,
perfomance art at the Roundhouse, a "happening" in Picadilly Circus and
interviews with various underground figures including Jim Haynes, Barry Miles,
John Hopkins & Paul McCartney.

(c) Glenn Povey

Some Technical info:

Complete broadcast was taken from 2nd generation VHS copy,
to this day it was best quality copy in circulation.

Non-voiceover version actually comes from Granada TV archives,
unfortunately audio of early version of "Matilda.." not survived
without voiceover.

Excerpts are included here for best enjoy and for full picture of
London Underground

2. Dope movie (Jan. or Feb. 67)

Filmed by underground filmmakers Diane and Sheldon Rochlin
for their film "Dope".

Before summer of 2009, actually no one floyd collector
knows about this footage.
It was big surprise for all fans.

Short footage of UFO Club also included
(& feat. 1 second of further floyd footage!)

Date: still unknown. And music ! Some UFO regulars says:
it was Soft Machine!
3. Die Jungen Nachtwandler (24.02.1967)

24-02-67 - Late show with Brothers Grimm and film shows.
Pink Floyd's perfomance of "IO" and general scenes of UFO Club
were filmed by German TV on this night for inclusion in
one-hour documentary arts programme entitled
"Die Jungen Nachtwandler - London unter 21", that also featured
The Who. It was broadcast on the Bayerischer Rundfunk TV
network on 3 July 1967 at 11.00pm

(c) Glenn Povey

Master copy, thankfully, comes to me very recently.
It was best ever copy of this footage.

Best VHS source included here for historical interest only.

See The Who doco "Amazing Journey" i found footage
in UFO club, that NOT used in original documentary.
This is very brief excerpts of John "Hoppy" Hopkins and
John "Junior" Wood from Tomorrow band.

Unknown group in focus - actually Soft Machine

4. Arnold Layne (Promo video, late feb. 67)

A promotional film for their first single.
Filmed at Wittering Beach on the south coast
of England by Derek Nice,
this promo premiered at the UFO club on 10 March, 1967.

Source of master copy (?) is unknown, but 16:9 version are taken
from "A Tecnnicolour Dream" DVD.

Filmed - late february 67 or very early march.

5. Beach Home Movies (Spring of 67)

Interesting footage of Syd and The Pink Floyd
running along a beach and also viewing through a view-finder.
They all look happy, and the footage is merged with scenes of water.
1min. 56 sec

The footage of Syd on the beach is taken
from the Pros & Cons 1984 EPK video
(at the beginning of the documentary,
some brief scenes of Syd appear as incrustations;
they were zoomed for the montage)
and other short extracts that were broadcast by MTV
during the 1988 Over The Wall special (when Rick talks about Syd).

Filmed in spring of 67

(c) MOB

6. Abbey Road Home Movies (April 67)

8mm home movies filmed outside of Abbey Road Studios.
Filmed probably by Nick Mason.

Date is still under the question, but it's looks like April 67.

Thanks "Harvested" Again

7. Bouton Rouge (Arnold Layne second promo, 29-04-67)

Some floyd's collectors (including me, haha)
previously thinks, that this are probably from
"Fan Club" programm, but this is not correct.

Promo was made in England at early morning of 29 april,
then move to Holland to mime the same song on "Fan Club".
Back to the UK again - 14 hour Technicolour dream appearance
in the morning of 30th!
What a crazy day !

It was broadcast on French TV - 21-05-67 in show "Bouton Rouge".

First source is non-remastered (by me),
2nd - from Harvested, thanks !

8. Look Of The Week (14-05-67) - Source 1

On 14-05-1967 Pink Floyd performed "Pow.R.Toh.H." and
"Astronomy Domine" live on arts programme "The Look Of The Week"
broadcast by BBC2 TV at 11.15pm. Barrett and Waters were also interviewed
by the classical music critic Professor Hans Keller, who considered their music
to "terribly loud" and a "regression to childhood". This appearance was
thankfully archieved and various clips have been used in Pink Floyd related
retrospectives, most notably in the "Sound of the 60's" BBC2 series in 1991.

(c) Glenn Povey

Source 1:

edited from "Sound of The 60's" PAL master + unknown very good VHS source
for the interview.

Pow.R.Toh.h. without watermark. Seems BBC have different source ?

Source 2:

RE-UP: Syd Barrett "Wondering & Dreaming volume 1" - 1DVD

Syd Barrett

Wondering & Dreaming
Vol.1 (1966-67)

1. Syd's First Trip - Summer of 1966

Home Movies, Gog Magog Hills, London

Summer 1966 (early confused as summer of 65!)

8mm movies by Nigel Gordon showing one of the first Syd's
mushroom trip.

This was appeared on collector's market in 90's.

One of the sources is good VHS copy & other is make by Harvested.
Thanks Ron, Thanks MOB!

2. "San Francisco" by Anthony Stern, 1968

Anthony Stern developed the concept of the impressionistic documentary

with the making of this BFI financed film.

The film features a very early version of Interstellar Overdrive.

Recorded at Thompson Private Recording Studios on 31 October, 1966.

Film actually appeared in 1968.

3. "Tonight Let's All Make Love In London" - Floyd bits, 1967

As we pretty knows, Pink Floyd recorded own music
for the soundtrack of this film on 11-12.01.1967

Soundtrack LP (as film) released in 1968.

For the first time i included short movie excerpts with
original "Interstellar Overdrive" version

4. London 66-67 (Japan edition & More)

1) 11/12.01.1967 - Sound Techniques Studio
2) 30.12.1966 - UFO Club
3) 17.01.1967 (??) - Commonwealth Institute, London (??)

Live in studio perfomance of 2 songs: IO and Nick's Boogie.
Both recordings made for the underground movie "Tonight Let's
all Make in London" (see previous chapter). Filmed by Peter Whitehead.
Released in 1994.

Also film intercut with concert footage of floyd, 14 Hour Technicolour Dream event,
The Move & John's Children footage also included.

Some technical info about Japan version:

BMG Laserdisc > Unknown Player > Unknown Recorder > DVDR

-A comparision between the BMG Laserdisc & the Snapper DVD-
DVD from BMG Laserdisc: 1994 Hathor / See For Miles
Video Bitrate: ~8.3 Mbps
Video Frame size: 704 x 480
Audio: Dolby Digital 48k sampling @ 256kbps
Length: 29:42

Snapper DVD: 2005 Hathor / Pucka Records
Video Bitrate: ~6 Mbps
Video Frame size: 720 x 480
Audio: Dolby Digital 48k sampling @ 224kbps

Length: 29:18

(c) Pschnob

Seeing various documentaries, i found rare bit, that deleted from film.
It's included here.

Also 1994 promo + VH1 clip you get as nice bonus :)

5. Syd's Silent Home Movies - 1966 or early 67

Don't hold your breath too high! It was widely seen & available
snippet of one of Syd's home movies
(broadcasts in two documentaries, at least!).
Where it was shot & location still a mystery.
Probably it was shot in autumn of 66,
or early 67? Need to compare Syd's photos from this dates.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Rotterdam 1994 - 2DVD - multi-cam

Rotterdam 3/4/5th September 1994
Stadion Feyenoord (De Kuip), Rotterdam, Netherlands


1. Astronomy Domine
2. Learning To Fly
3. What Do You Want From Me
4. On The Turning Away
5. Poles Apart
6. Take It Back
7. Sorrow
8. Keep Talking
9. One Of These Days
10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
11. Speak To Me
12. Breathe
13. On The Run
14. Time
15. Breathe (Reprise)


1. The Great Gig In The Sky
2. Money
3. Us And Them
4. Any Colour You Like
5. Brain Damage
6. Eclipse
7. High Hopes
8. Comfortably Numb
9. Run Like Hell
10. Hey You
11. Wish You Were Here

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Manchester 1974 - 2CD - December 9

Pink Floyd
Palace Theatre
Manchester, England

Quality: EX-
Source: Audience
Total Length: 2:18:39

01. Raving and Drooling [14:43]
02. You've Gotta Be Crazy [16:30]
03. Shine on You Crazy Diamond [23:01]
04. Speak to Me [3:43]
05. Breathe [2:49]
06. On the Run [5:07]
07. Time [5:37]
08. Breathe (Reprise) [1:04]
09. The Great Gig in the Sky [6:40]
10. Money [9:13]
11. Us and Them [8:06]
12. Any Colour You Like [9:15]
13. Brain Damage [3:48]
14. Eclipse [4:12]
15. Echoes [24:51]

Original Comments:
Not sure if this one's ever been up here before, but it's a very clear and
well-balanced audience recording from a low-gen source, and complete. I
divided this roughly in half, since it does fit on two discs, but it could
be seamlessly fused back together at the break between the 'Breathe' reprise
and 'The Great Gig in the Sky' with a sound editing program for those who
would rather have the 'DSOM' set on a single CD and 'Echoes' on a third disc.
I don't know how this compares to any of the bootleg titles that may be out
there, but I do know there's at least one other source that's inferior
sound-wise and less complete. I welcome anyone else to post artwork, although
the sound files would probably have to be re-divided to match the track listings.

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in London 1974 - 3CD - November 17

Pink Floyd
Empire Pool, Wembley
London, England
November 17, 1974

British Winter Tour - 1974

Getting Better All The Time

artwork included

Disc One:
1. Raving And Drooling
2. Gotta Be Crazy
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-IX)

Disc Two:
1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. On The Run
4. Time / Breathe (Reprise)
5. The Great Gig In The Sky
6. Money
7. Us & Them
8. Any Colour You Like
9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Disc Three:
1. Echoes
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond *
3. Raving And Drooling *
4. Gotta Be Crazy *

Roger Waters:    Bass, Vocals
David Gilmour:    Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wright:        Keyboards
Nick Mason:        Drums

Dick Parry:             Saxophone
Carlene Williams:      Vocals
Vanetta Fields: Vocals

Comments:  Source: A(0)>CDR(4) Entire show, including tuneups and the recorded radio announcer lead-in to Raving & Drooling.  Great vocals from David during "You've Gotta Be Crazy".  The taper's comments to his friend between songs really add to the ambience of the recording -- "They keep getting better all the time".

* Taken from 'Britain 1974' Volume III (a copy of the misdated 'Raving And Drooling' LP -TAKRL1973 or 'The Screaming Abdab' LP - WRMB330. This source is also 11/17/74.

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in London 1974 - 2CD - November 15


How Time Flies

Rover Records 3/4  Digipack

Matrix Disc 1: HOW TIME FLIES CD ONE 1
Matrix Disc 2: HOW TIME FLIES CD TWO 2

(P) 2008     Made In ???


The night before the famous BBC broadcast in a new VG+ Aud release.

New uncirculated source!

  Disc 1:  Time:
  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond  26:46
  2. Raving And Drooling  17:30
  3. You Gotta Be Crazy  17:14
Total Time:  61:31
  Disc 2:  Time:
  1. Intro    2:35
  2. Speak To Me    2:51
  3. Breathe    4:59
  4. On The Run    5:21
  5. Time    1:00
  6. Great Gig In The Sky    7:13
  7. Money    8:43
  8. Us And Them    7:49
  9. Any Colour You Like    8:01
10. Brain Damage    3:39
11. Eclipse    3:24
12. Echoes  23:03
Total Time:  78:52

15 Nov. 1974 Live at Empire Pool-Wembley, London, UK


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Edinburgh 1974 - 2CD - November 4

Venue: November 4th, 1974 – Usher Hall, Edinburgh


Disc 1:
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond  (21:55)
2. Raving And Drooling  (12:56)
3. Echoes  (22:06)

Disc 2:
1. Speak To Me  (2:24)
2. Breathe  (3:00)
3. On The Run  (4:28)
4. Time  (5:29)
5. Breathe Reprise  (1:00)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky  (6:48)
7. Money  (8:54)
8. Us And Them  (7:59)
9. Any Colour You Like  (8:31)
10. Brain Damage  (3:43)
11. Eclipse  (1:50)


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Paris 1974 - 2CD - June 24

Pink Floyd Palais De Sports, Paris France 1974-06-24 TheTooleMan's remastering of a fresh transfer from the original reels - major sound improvement!

First of all, I can't go any further without personally thanking TheTooleMan for his great remastering job on this torrent. This was a messy, arduous process that involved trying to separate the music from the tape hiss. To that end, I'd like to offer up the following for discussion.

There is a point in time where frequency response matters less than what sort of musical sound is available for the ear to actually hear. Both of the prior transfers show SA from 20-20000Hz, but this one does not, and to your humble seeder should not. It's purposely cut off at a very low upper frequency just above the end of the recorder's response, leaving the hiss and noise behind. This has the effect of moving the portion of the response which actually contains the music forward. What remained has been EQ'd to bring as many of the sounds out as possible.

To wit (and I'd like your impressions on it): In this particular case, it wasn't what frequencies were on the tape. It was what frequencies contained music. Actually, that's a bit of nonsense to avoid me being blunt about it. What I really mean to say is *to the ears, it sounds a whole lot better, and to hell with the frequency response*.

Dowload it, listen to it, and see if you agree...


CD 1

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (20:49)
Tuneups (1:30)
Raving And Drooling (10:01)
Tuneups (2:05)
Echoes (23:12)

CD 2

Speak To Me (4:41)
Breathe (3:11)
On The Run (5:51)
Time (6:41)
The Great Gig In The Sky (6:35)
Money (7:16)
Us And Them (7:40)
Any Colour You Like (7:10)
Brain Damage (3:36)
Eclipse (1:51)
Tuneups And Audience Teases (3:44)
One Of These Days (8:10)

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Tampa 1973 - 2CD - June 29

Pink Floyd
Tampa Stadium, Tampa, USA
June 29, 1973

Disc one / set one:
Obscured By Clouds
When You're In...
Set The Controls
Careful With That Axe

Disc two / set two:
Darkside of the Moon

One Of These Days

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Saratoga 1973 - 2CD - June 17



Media: 2 CD-R

X-ref: „Saratoga 17.6.73”.

Venue: June 17th, 1973 – Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, New York, USA.

Notes: Audience recording. From master tape.


Disc 1:
  1. Obscured By Clouds  (5:02)
  2. When You're In  (9:46)
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun  (14:57)
  4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene  (11:00)
  5. Echoes  (25:41)

Disc 2:
  1. Speak To Me
     On The Run
     Breathe Reprise
     The Great Gig In The Sky
     Us And Them
     Any Colour You Like
     Brain Damage
     Eclipse  (51:10)
  2. One Of These Days  (8:55)

Quality (1-6):  4,5
Total time:  126:34

Artwork: Wojtek.


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in New York 1973 - 2CD - March 17

Pink Floyd
Radio City Music Hall
New York, New York
March 17, 1973

IMO, the SQ generally gets stronger as the show progresses with the 2nd set stronger than
the 1st partly because it contains almost all stereo.

Objective was to repair the drop outs and drop downs while retaining large contiguous
stereo segments, speed correct, balanced the channel levels/gain thoughout, remove repeated
segments and splice, remove some loud pops and noises, and smooth and edit where necessary.

  Set 1 (67:36)
01 Obscured By Clouds 4:54 +
02 When You're In 7:41  + =
03 Audience/Tuning 1:43 + =
04 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 14:20 + =
05 Audience/Tuning 1:22 + =
06 Careful with that Axe, Eugene 13:23 + =
07 Audience/Tuning 0:46 =
08 Echoes 23:24 + =

  Set 2 (54:36)
01 Speak to Me 3:34 +
02 Breathe 2:50 +
03 On the Run 5:28 +
04 Time 5:46 +
05 Breathe (Reprise) 1:04 +
06 The Great Gig in the Sky 5:55 +
07 Money 6:00 +
08 Us and Them (inside cut) 2:41 + =
09 Any Colour You Like 7:04 + =
10 Brain Damage 3:37 +
11 Eclipse 1:56 +
12 One of These Days 8:34 +

Total (122:12)  Stereo: +  Mono: =

Set1: ~26:00 of mono, Set2: 4:18 of mono


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Boston 1973 - 2CD - March 14

Pink Floyd
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA
March 14, 1973

Another Joe Maloney master recording.

Disc one:
01 Introduction  2:43
02 Careful with that axe, Eugene  14:07
03 Obscured by Clouds-When You're In  14:45
04 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun  15:05
05 Echoes  21:48
Total Time 68:28

Disc two:
01 Speak to Me  2:19
02 Breathe  2:52
03 On the Run  5:34
04 Time  5:28
05 Breathe (reprise)  1:03
06 Great gig in the Sky  6:01
07 Money  6:17
08 Us and Them  7:23
09 Any Colour You Like  8:26
10 Brain Damage  3:47
11 Eclipse  7:32
12 One of these Days  9:24
Total Time 66:06

1. Correct channel imbalances and volume differences between tapes
2. Repair tape flip gaps and dropouts
3. Correct channel frequency response asymmetry
4. Adjust EQ/Tonality
5. Speed correct
6. Restore limited dynamics in compressed sections

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Saint Ouen 1972 - 2CD - December 1

Pink Floyd
Palais des Sports de L'ile de la Jatte,Saint Ouen,France
Saint Ouen,
Blow Your Mind Until You Die

this is the exact tracklist :

1.On The Run
3.Breathe (reprise)
4.The Great Gig In The Sky
6.Us And Them
7.Any Colour You Like
8.Brain Damage

1.One Of These Days
2.French presenter
3.Careful With That Axe, Eugene
6.Childhood Ends

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Boeblingen 1972 - 2CD - November 15

Boeblingen (GER)
Nov. 15, 1972

lineage: BASF C120 cassette copy from master (1st gen)

incomplete recording, cuts in near the end of "Time". Received in a trade in early eighties from the original taper (Uli). As far as I know this recording was never circulated before. The quality I'd rate g to vg mono. This recording also could shed some light on the correct running order of the set (listen to the transition from "Eclipse" to "Careful.."). It has "One Of These Days" as the *last* song of the regular set which explains RW saying "Good night" after that song.

This is just a straight copy of my 1st gen cassette, no cuts, no fades.

Disc 1 (Cassette Side 1)

Time (cuts in near the end)
Breathe (reprise)
The Great Gig In The Sky
Us And Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage
Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Disc 2 (Cassette Side 2)
Looking Through The Knotholes In Granny's Wooden Leg (Echoes)
One Of These Days
E: tuning
E: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Hollywood 1972 - 2CD - September 22

Pink Floyd
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA  USA

"Platinum Crackers"

This is a "matrix" of the two recorders from this show.
The "Platinum Edition" (Fireman's 5) was combined with
"Cracked Crackers" by Seige72, and his notes are below.

seige72 notes:
It was a challenge (as these always are), but I think it turned out pretty well.
I used 'Cracked Crackers' to fill the cut in Any Colour through the beginning
of BD, then again between numbers, sometimes restoring the missing first
second or two of a tune (OoTD, ASoS in particular).  I also slowed down the
Fireman's Tapes source and made sure the pitch was the same before blending
the two together at each point.  Some volume adjustment was done as well,
specifically boosting the FT source and reducing CC, although it's tough to
get such different-sounding recordings to sound the same volume-wise.

artwork included

01  Breathe
02  On The Run
03  Time
04  Breathe Reprise
05  The Great Gig In The Sky
06  Money
07  Us And Them
08  Any Colour You Like
09  Brain Damage
10  Eclipse
11  One Of These Days
12  Careful With That Axe, Eugene

01  Echoes
02  A Saucerful Of Secrets
03  Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Berlin 1972 - 2CD - May 18

Berlin 1972-05-18 (REC 2 - Master)

Date & Place Deustchlandhalle, Berlin, Germany, May 18th 1972
Sound Quality EX/EX-
Source Audience (recorder 2 + recorder 1 for fills)
Artwork Included

Disc 1 (48:56)
1. SPEAK TO ME (2:18)
2. BREATHE (2:47)
3. ON THE RUN (jam) (5:24)
4. TIME / BREATHE (reprise) (6:54)
6. MONEY (7:14)
7. US & THEM (7:29)
9. BRAIN DAMAGE (4:00)
10. ECLIPSE (2:25)

Disc 2 (68:11)
1. ONE OF THESE DAYS (10:53)
3. ECHOES (29:32)


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Boston 1972 - 2CD - May 4





Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in New York 1972 - 1CD - May 2

Pink Floyd

Carnegie Hall

New York City, USA

May 2, 1972


01 One Of These Days (11:46)
02 Careful With That Axe, Eugene (14:04)
03 Echoes (31:24)
04 A Saucerful Of Secrets (14:47)

TT - 72:03

I doubt this is the complete show as the "Eclipsed" suite is missing. However, it is a stereo recording which is quite unusual for this period and sound is very good for the time.

Download this bootleg here

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Chicago 1972 - 2CD - April 28

Pink Floyd
April 28, 1972
The Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois

Disc 1
 1. Speak To Me 1:58
 2. Breathe  3:15
 3. The Traveler's Sequence  5:17
 4. Time  5:41
 5. Breathe (reprise)  1:04
 6. The Mortality Sequence  4:19
 7. Money  6:51
 8. Us & Them  7:37
 9. Dave's Scat Section  6:19
10. Brain Damage  3:51
11. Eclipse  2:01
Total Time 48:13

Disc 2
 1. One of these Days  9:06
 2. Careful what Axe, Eugene  13:08
 3. Echoes  24:28
 4. Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun  13:19
Total Time 60:01

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Cincinnati 1972 - 2CD - April 23 - soundboard

Pink Floyd
Music Hall
Cincinnati, OH

Disc 1
1. Speak To Me / Breathe
2. On The Run (Jam)
3. Time
4. Breathe (Reprise)
5. The Mortality Sequence
6. Money
7. Us & Them
8. Any Colour You Like
9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Disc 2
1. One Of These Days
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Echoes Cut
4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

CD Bootleg: High In the Middle          
Label: kingjollytrouser
Quality: VG+/EX-

The setlist is unremarkable save for the rarely played (in '72) "A Saucerful of Secrets." It's an overall good performance including a great "Travel Sequence" and "Any Colour You Like," and the bonus of a edit-shortened "The Mortality Sequence." (Other edits to beware of are a fade out- fade in near the beginning of OOtD, and an Echoes cut short.)

David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Recordet Live at The Music Hall, Cincinatti, OH, USA 1972-04-23

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Columbia 1972 - 2CD - April 16

Pink Floyd
Date: 1972-04-16
Location: Township Auditorium Columbia, SC USA
CD Bootleg: Paper Money          
Quality: VG

Tracklist on original cover art is incorrect. Correct artwork is included.
correct track list of the roio is: dsotm set, one of these days, cwtae,ahm,asos, childhood's end, blues. childhood's end is from 1972 dec 01 rtl broadcast. Blues is from the Taft Auditorium show, 20 November 1971.

Disc: 1

01. Breathe (3:04)
02. On The Run (5:29)
03. Time - Breathe (reprise) (7:47)
04. The Great Gig In The Sky (3:36)
06. Money (7:36)
07. Us And Them (7:45)
08. Any Colour You Like (5:18)
09. Brain Damage (2:45)
10. One Of These Days - Careful With That Axe Eugene (21:04)

Disc: 2

01. Atom Heart Mother (16:41)
02. A Saucerful Of Secrets (14:07)
03. Childhood's End (8:07)
04. Blues (8:21)

David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Roger Waters

Recorded Live at The Township Auditorium Columbia, SC USA 1972-04-16

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP:Pink Floyd live in Manchester 1972 - 2CD - March 30

Pink Floyd
Free Trade Hall
Manchester, England
March 30, 1972

"Run Rabbit Run"
Harvested Records

Audience Recording

Disc 1

1. Speak to Me
2. Breathe
3. Travel Sequence
4. Time
5. Mortality Sequence
6. Money
7. us and Them
8. Scat
9. The Lunatic Song
10. Eclipse

Disc 2

1. One Of These Days
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Echoes
4. Set The Controls

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Sapporo 1972 - 2CD - March 13

Pink Floyd
The Great Gig On The Moon
Nakanoshima Sports Center
Sapporo, Japan

01. Speak To Me                
02. Breathe                    
03. On The Run                              
04. Time      
05. Breathe (Reprise)            
06. The Great Gig In The Sky  
07. Money                    
08. Us And Them          
09. Any Colour You Like        
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse              
12. One Of These Days          
13. Careful With That Axe,Eugene

It is an audience recording and is therefore not as good
quality as (say) the BBC Session recordings. However, it
is one of the best audience recordings I have heard. Artwork


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Tokyo 1972 - 3CD - March 6

PINK FLOYD - Acid Moon

Sigma 45 A-B-C

Matrix Disc 1: No
Matrix Disc 2: No
Matrix Disc 3: No

(P) 2009     Made In Japan

  Disc 1:  Time:

  1. Speak To Me (Sic - Audience only)    0:47
  2. Breathe    2:41
  3. On The Run    5:53
  4. Time    6:17
  5.  Breathe (Reprise)    1:03
  6. The Great Gig In The Sky    6:01
  7. Money    7:45
  8. Us And Them    7:04
  9. Any Colour You Like    4:38
10. Brain Damage    4:03
11. Eclipse    2:13

Total Time:  48:25

  Disc 2:  Time:

  1. One Of These Days    9:11
  2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene  12:39
  3. Echoes  25:12
  4. A Saucerful Of Secrets  13:27

Total Time:  60:29
From Reel Master Recorded FM Broadcast (Aired by FM Tokyo 1972)
         FM + Audience Sources Mixed & Remastered:

Disc 3:  Time:

  1. Speak To Me (Sic - Audience only)    0:57
  2. Breathe    2:51
  3. On The Run    5:53
  4. Time    6:16
  5.  Breathe (Reprise)    1:03
  6. The Great Gig In The Sky    4:00
  7. Money    7:45
  8. Us And Them    7:29
  9. Any Colour You Like    4:40
10. Brain Damage    4:02
11. Eclipse    2:12
12. DJ Comments    0:11

Total Time:  47:19

 06 March 1972 Live at Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan


Monday, February 8, 2016

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in London 1972 - 1CD - February 20

Pink Floyd
In Celebration Of The Comet (The Coming Of Kohoutek)
Rainbow Theatre
London, UK
LP Vinyl Transfer

Side One (20:33)
01. Breathe
02. The Travel Sequence
03. Time
04. The Mortality Sequence

Side Two (20:45)
05. The Mortality Sequence (ends)
06. Money
07. Us & Them
08. The Scat Sequence
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

The date of this performance has been listed in various permutations as 1972.02.17, when the actual date was reportedly 1972.02.20.

Lineage: Audience (details unknown) > Original Vinyl (TAKRL 1903) > NAD 5120 turntable + Nagaoka MP-11 Cartridge > SP-2 Stereo Phono Preamplifier > CD Spin Doctor > aiff > flac level 6 > you. Sound quality is B+ or better.

This is a popular and widely circulated bootleg album from Pink Floyd. The performance featured a musical piece referred to at the time as "The Eclipse Suite," which would later become "Dark Side of the Moon."

Note the song titles: “The Travel Sequence,” “The Mortality Sequence,” and “The Scat Sequence,” which later evolved into “On The Run,” “The Great Gig In The Sky,” and “Any Colour You Like.”

I purchased this album in the 1970’s & with little wear it has maintained its luster, although some snap, crackle & pop exist. I did no post-transfer treatments. The center hole of the vinyl is a tad bit wide, which may add the least bit of wobble.


RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Bournemouth 1972 - 1CD - January 22

Wintergardens, Bournemouth, England
January 22nd 1972
Recorder 2

total time: 44:30m
Sound Quality: EX-

1. Breathe (2:43)
2. On the Run (8:02)
3. Time (6:17)
4. Breathe (Reprise) (1:03)
5. The Mortality Sequence (4:00)
6. Money (7:50)
7. Us And Them (7:04)
8. Any Colour You Like (1:27)
9. Brain Damage (3:15)
10. Prototype Eclipse (2:49)

taken from 'Eclipse of the Darkside' (Gold Standard label). I reindexed some tracks to give it a better running order.

Sound quality is nice, almost an EX...

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Brighton 1972 - 3CD - January 20

Pink Floyd
Howlin' To The Moon
Beelzebub Records BSD 154/155/156

January 20,1972 Brighton Dome, Brighton, England

Disc 1:
Speak To Me
Travel Sequence
Breathe Reprise
Mortality Sequence (Preacher's Edition)
Atom Heart Mother
Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Disc 2:
A Saucerful Of Secrets

November 16, 1974 Wembley Empire Pool, London England

Disc 3:
Speak To Me
On The Run
The Great Gig In The Sky
Us And Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Cleveland 1971 - 2CD - November 6

NOVEMBER 6, 1971






**Taper paused between most songs.

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Montreux 1970 - 2CD - November 21

The Montreux 40th Anniversary Series
Too Late For Mind Expanding (HRV CDR 036)

Montreux Casino, 21Nov70

Mastertape by Victor
Remastering by MOB
Quality Control by EdP
Artwork by RonToon
Produced by Harvested Records

Disc One
1. Astronomy Domine
2. Fat Old Sun
3. Cymbaline
4. Atom Heart Mother
5. Embryo

Disc Two
1. Green Is The Colour
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. A Saucerful Of Secrets
5. Just Another Twelve Bar
6. More Blues

This new Harvested release provides the first of the two Montreux 1970 concerts in the most complete form and with the best possible quality. The main source was Victor's raw master transfer already shared last year. The ending part of Green Is The Colour and the following track Careful With That Axe Eugene, not present on Victor's master, were taken from "The Good" recorder that surfaced some years ago on "The Good... The Bad" RoIO ref. FA033.

Victor's raw transfer shared in November 2009 was first thought to be from the second concert, mainly because it matched "The Good... The Bad" RoIO that was labelled from 22Nov70. However, based on Victor's recollections of the two shows and some pictures from his reels, it now appears that the present show with the two "blues" encores is actually from 21Nov70 (this show ended late, forcing the band to finish with a quiet blues). The second concert was added at the last minute for the next afternoon at 2.30pm (Roger sarcastically said "good morning" to the audience) and at this second show the encore was  Interstellar Overdrive. But that's for our next release... ;-)

Victor's master is a superb audience recording and a compilation cassette he did in the past from both concerts was copied by someone and ended up on the 1995 "Smoking Blues" bootleg ("Smoking Blues" is therefore at least 1st or 2nd gen, and even with that lineage some people thought it was from soundboard or from some EMI acetates that are most probably pure legend). Embryo, Just Another Twelve Bar and More Blues from "Smoking Blues" are from 21Nov70, but the versions presented here are upgrades, coming directly from the master and with an uncut More Blues (fading out on "Smoking Blues").

Despite its fantastic quality, Victor's master had some flaws that needed to be corrected. The speed was not consistent throughout the show: for some tracks, speed was absolutely perfect, while for others speed gradually slowed down (probably an "end of reel" effect during the play-back). Fat Old Sun, Atom Heart Mother and A Saucerful Of Secrets suffered from that slowing-down phenomenon and speed was corrected for these three songs. There were some channel loss and levels fluctuations, the most obvious being during the first verse of Fat Old Sun. These were repaired. There were also drop-outs here and there, especially during the first 2 minutes of Cymbaline (one drop-out every 862ms, thus 140 drop-outs were manually corrected one by one in order to fully restore these first minutes of Cymbaline). The right channel became slightly weaker during Set The Controls and A Saucerful Of Secrets, where more drop-outs were present on that channel. These flaws were attenuated as much as possible. Last but not least, there were several cuts on the master: the very first chord of Fat old Sun was missing and has been restored, a short cut during Mother Fore (AHM) was carefully patched, and the central part of Celestial Voices (ASOS) that was missing due to a tape flip, was restored from another show in order to save the continuity and progression to the climax of the song.

The end of Green Is The Colour, Careful With That Axe Eugene and the first 30 seconds of Set The Controls were taken from "The Good" source. A lot of work was needed in order to restore that part, because of abrupt speed fluctuations during Careful, and also because "The Good... The Bad" RoIO comes from a "tweaked" tape: the original audio capture is pure mono (there is absolutely no stereo separation between the instruments), but someone found funny to play with the faders during the analog transfer, introducing artificial panning in order to fake stereo effects (these tricks were clearly done during an analog mixing of the recording, not in the digital world). Speed was corrected segment by segment, and levels were carefully adjusted in order to restore the original music as it was on the master, i.e. in the centre of the stereo image, before the artificial panning ruining most parts of "The Good... The Bad".

So there you are. The 21Nov70 Montreux concert in all its glory !

This is a rare case where all the stars were aligned: we have the best audience recording from that era, and at the same time the Floyd performance was really magic that night. All five songs of CD1 were delivered with fire and passion (including the most powerful rendition of Funky Dung ever recorded). And on CD2, the first part of A Saucerful Of Secrets (Something Else) shows the Floyd sounding like King Crimson would sound three years later. Another highlight of CD2 is Just Another Twelve Bar: even if not too interesting from a musical point of view, this song is a true rarity in Pink Floyd live repertoire (even if it's mainly based on the bass riff from Biding My Time).

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Amsterdam 1969 - 1CD - August 9 - soundboard - rare recording!

Pink Floyd
Celestial Instruments
The Paradiso
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Reportedly taken from the soundboard of the gig, this is a passage from
Povey's ITF book on that performance:

"Hilversum 3 Radio were recording this show for a future broadcast, but after
a microphone failure early in the show the band were forced to perform an
instrumental set and as a result the show was never broadcast"

So we've got a short set of 4 numbers with absolutely no vocals, but the SQ
is amazing, even before you take the age of the recording into consideration.

01. Interstellar Overdrive 04:19
02. Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun 12:25
03. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:10
04. A Saucerful of Secrets 13:00

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