Saturday, February 20, 2016

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Sapporo 1972 - 2CD - March 13

Pink Floyd
The Great Gig On The Moon
Nakanoshima Sports Center
Sapporo, Japan

01. Speak To Me                
02. Breathe                    
03. On The Run                              
04. Time      
05. Breathe (Reprise)            
06. The Great Gig In The Sky  
07. Money                    
08. Us And Them          
09. Any Colour You Like        
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse              
12. One Of These Days          
13. Careful With That Axe,Eugene

It is an audience recording and is therefore not as good
quality as (say) the BBC Session recordings. However, it
is one of the best audience recordings I have heard. Artwork


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