Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NEW: Pink Floyd "The Wall rehearsal" London 1980 - 1DVD - August 1

Pink Floyd
Earl's Court, London
1 August 1980

"The Wall Rehearsal"

Format: NTSC/PCM Mono
Lineage: PAL VHS Master > AVI (PAL) > MPEG-2 (NTSC)/PCM Mono
Captured, edited and converted with Vegas 6

Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
Young Lust
One of My Turns
Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)*
Goodbye Cruel World*
Is There Anybody Out There?*
Nobody Home
Bring the Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell*
Waiting For The Worms*

Running Time: Approx 45 mins


Shot on a tripod from the left balcony, Mal was able to capture a good part of Pink Floyd rehearsing The Wall at Earl's Court. The tape has faired well over the years and I was able to pull off a pretty decent transfer from this VHS relic. I tweaked the image a bit adding a tad of contrast and brightness to deepen the blacks without losing any of the details.

Please note that during "Goodbye Blue Sky" the camera zooms in to focus on the images on the screen. The camera remains here until the start of "One of My Turns" so unfortunately "Empty Spaces" and "Young Lust" do not show any images of the stage or musicians. In fact, the latter only features the lights on Mr Screen and I'm assuming that the camera was left shooting on the tripod without being checked until a few sonngs later. Anyone who doesn't want to sit through this can simply advance to the next track.

This DVD contains the full contents of the master VHS tape. The only time I added short dissolves was to cut out the points where the camera was paused and then started again, causing severe tape glitches and audio distortion.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here

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