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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Montreal 1977 - 3CD - July 6

Date:July 6th, 1977
Band:Pink Floyd
RoIO:"Roar Ends"
Venue:Olympic Stadium
Place:Montreal,Quebec, Canada
Total Length:151:05

Description:Review: Roar Ends

This is one of my favorite concerts, and the Siréne guys have done well. The sound quality is excellent and this show, in a snapshot, illustrates what the Pink Floyd had become.
This show and the July 4 Madison Square Garden CD show how their fans had changed from just enjoying the ride to being demanding and obnoxious.
In "Pigs on the Wing, Pt. 2" Roger berates fans for "shooting off fireworks and shouting and screaming" and you can't blame him.
At the end of "Money" he urges the crowd to "take it easy" and "don't worry about it, I don't...well I do, but I wish I didn't", to "Just cause there's a few assholes down front doesn't mean everbody has to get upset".
At the start of "Us and Them" Roger urges "this is a quiet song so let's get quiet and try to end this thing peacefully". When they end with a blues number, something that hadn't been done for years he says "We're not noted as a blues band but we're just going to play a slow blues number so everyone can calm down".
The songs are superb, this is the last set of the '77 tour and if you compare the earlier '77 concerts with this one they have pulled it all together. Really good and tight ending to "Pigs, 3 different ones" where Rodger alledgedly spits on a fan and taunts "Come Boy".
This is the same recording as the Ayanami recording "The End of Animals", though this one, being spread over 3 discs contains more audience. At one point the taper urges someone to stick around.
A bit later the second person, apparently becoming aware that the taper is taping the concert asks to meet him later, which goes like this, "I live in Toronto".."Huh".."I live in Toronto"..."that's not a problem".
Azimuth Coordinator Part II is a differnt recording and is the same as "Fireworks in the Canadian Woods". This is my summary of these CDs; Azimuth Coordinator is nice since you are in the middle of the audience, at times during "Us and Them" the music is drowned out by the crowd noise.
But the blues number is not on these two discs, you find it on the end of Azimuth Coordinator Part III.
"Fireworks in the Canadian Woods" is from the same source but contains more audience, where you hear people yelling "Echoes", Astronomy Domine", "The Embryo", and "Pink Floyd is God".
Unfortunately the blues number fades out before, the audience starts to boo because the equipment is being taken apart, with the woman yelling "F**k you" and "Booooo". "Roar Ends" and "The End of Animals" are from a different source than "Azimuth Coordinator" and "Fireworks".
This source has a better sound quality and is complete. But where, on "Azimuth" and "Fireworks" the "F**k You" is right next to the taper on "Roar Ends" and "The End of Animals" this is far in the distance. For sound quality "Roar Ends" and "The End of Animals" are preferred, for that middle of the audience feeling "Azimuth" and "Fireworks" are better.
All are truly awesome.

Disc 1)
1) White Noise
2) Sheep  
3) Pigs On The Wing (part 1)  
4) Dogs  
5) Pigs On The Wing (part 2)
6) Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc 2)
1) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I - V)  
2) Welcome To The Machine  
3) Have A Cigar  
4) Wish You Were Here  
5) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts VI - IX)

Disc 3)
1) Money  
2) Us And Them  
3) Blues

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