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RE-UP: Pink Floyd "The Wall In Progress" - 1CD - 1978-1979 outtakes

"The Bricks"
Head Co.  CHTS  HC 016
Matrix Disc:  HC016

This cd has been produced exclusively with professional studio equipment of the highest quality

  Tracks:  Time:
  1. In The Flesh?    3:20
  2. The Thin Ice    2:37
  3. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1    3:29
  4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives    1:48
  5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2    1:43
  6. Mother    4:38
  7. Goodbye Blue Sky     2:05
  8. Empty Spaces Part 1    1:51
  9. Young Lust    3:31
10. One Of My Turns    2:26
11. Don't Leave Me Now    3:54
12. Empty Spaces Part 2    0:50
13. What Shall We Do Now?    1:31
14. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3    1:25
15. Goodbye Cruel World    0:59
16. Nobody Home    0:53
17. Vera    1:17
18. Bring The Boys Back Home    0:42
19. Is There Anybody Out There? Part1    1:19
20. Is There Anybody Out There? Part2    2:01
21. Comfortably Numb    4:44
22. Hey You    3:54
23. The Show Must Go On    2:05
24. In The Flesh    4:31
25. Run Like Hell    4:58
26. Wating For The Worms    3:47
27. Stop    0:36
28. The Trial    5:00
29. Outside The Wall    1:20
Total Time:  73:27

 Recorded at The Floyd's Britannia Row Studios

 (Sept-Dec, 1978 & Late 1979)
& Super Bear Studio(April-Aug 1979)
in France.

This is just like being in the studio with the Floyd!

This is the studio demo track they drawn on to record the final mix of their "Wall" album: every track IS a radically different unreleased version to the album's.

It includes loads of unedited mixes, never released tracks (merged into other songs), different lyrics, original sound collages etc ...

Without the full lush arrangements you get a good idea of what Roger Waters had in mind when he first conceived The Wall: a dry, alienating & beautiful descent into his tormented mind.

It is a real surprise is to hear the band as the original 4 piece experimenting like in "the good old days" with all sorts of different ideas that didn't make it onto the final mix for most: various synth lines, weird sounds, raw guitars, strange sound collages etc... One can appreciate the massive task of editing and changing most of these songs to fit on the double album we all know.

It is "The Wall" like you have never heard it before: just brilliant!!

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd "The Building Of The Wall" - 1CD - The Wall demos

Artist:  Pink Floyd
Album:  The Building of the Wall (The Wall Demos)
Artwork: Included

Roger Waters Performs EVERYTHING on these demos.

01 - In the Flesh
02 - The Thin Ice
03 - Another Brick in the Wall (I)
04 - Happiest Days of Our Lives
05 - Another Brick in the Wall (II)
06 - Mother
07 - Goodbye Blue Sky
08 - Empty Spaces (I)
09 - Young Lust (Instrumental)
10 - One of My Turns Now
11 - Don't Leave Me Now
12 - Empty Spaces (II)
13 - What Shall We Do Now
14 - Another Brick in the Wall (III)
15 - Goodbye Cruel World
16 - Is There Anybody Out There (I)
17 - Vera
18 - Bring the Boys Back Home
19 - Is There Anybody Out There (II)
20 - Is There Anybody Out There (III)
21 - Comfortably Numb
22 - Hey You
23 - The Show Must Go On
24 - In the Flesh
25 - Run Like Hell
26 - Waiting for the Worms
27 - Stop
28 - The Trial
29 - Outside the Wall

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RE-UP: Pink Floyd "The Wall - Original Film Sessions" - 2CD

Pink Floyd
January 01, 1980
The Wall - Original Film Sessions
Early Audio Pre-release Soundboard Mix for the Official Movie

I got this in trade with a fellow subscriber of the old Brain Damage Magazine back in 1995. This has a completely different sound then what you are used to. There are some different lyrics and you can hear instruments and sounds in this mix used throughout the recording that were buried in the official release. This is a true gem.

Two songs at the end of CD 2 are filler songs that came on the tape. The first two songs are from an unknown live Roger Waters concert. What I find interesting is that WYWH is a very quiet relaxed version without drums for the most part of the first half of the song. Nice version. Following is Brain Damage/Eclipse from the same live unknown concert date. A VERY bluesy version of Eclipse in which Roger actually asks the audience to sign along during the middle of the song. It then turns into more of a Hard Rock song in the end. Easily my favorite version of the song.

Disc 1

01. Little Boy Santa Claus Forgot
02. In The Flesh?
03. The Thin Ice
04. Another Brick In The Wall pt 1
05. When The Tigers Broke Free
06. Goodbye Blue Sky
07. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/ Another Brick In The Wall pt 2
08. Mother
09. Empty Spaces
10. Young Lust
11. One Of My Turns
12. Don't Leave Me Now
13. Another Brick In The Wall pt 3
14. Goodbye Cruel World
15. Is There Anybody Out There?

Disc 2

01. Nobody Home
02. Vera
03. Bring The Boys Back Home
04. Comfortably Numb
05. In the Flesh
06. Run Like Hell
07. Waiting For The Worms
08. The Trial
09. Outside The Wall


10. Waters - Wish You Were Here
11. Waters - Brain Damage/ Eclipse

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd "Extended 370 Roman Yards" - 1CD - unreleased album

Pink Floyd - Extended 370 Roman Yards


This is the EXTENDED album of the Soundtrack for Zabriskie Point that never was, once performed entirely by Pink Floyd, now released by MQR.  This Album is similar to the 1997 Rhino Soundtrack that was released with a bonus disc featuring eight extra tracks from Pink Floyd and Jerry Garcia.  In similar fashion we here extend the Lost Album with 8 complete songs recorded by Pink Floyd for the movie and rejected by M. Antonioni for one reason or another.

   This is the natural product of years and years of passionate research applied to the Zabriskie Point topic by WRomanus.   Over the years many theories have been presented, and we all know a good researcher has to prove his theories whenever possible.  In recent years his dedication has yielded the deserved prizes.

   "I had the luck to get from Glenn Povey what I call simply The Document, part of the ZP recording sheets of EMI studios.  I was also able to make contact with Don Hall, the Music Adviser of the movie. I'm honored to say that this contact became a real friendship.  With my great satisfaction almost all my theories, even the most incredible, were confirmed."

   This Album is part of the Complete Zabriskie Point Collection (CD1) and the box set called A Total Zabriskie Point of View.

3:10  01.  Heart Beat, Pig Meat
4:40  02.  Country Song              
1:54  03.  Fingal’s Cave            
5:55  04.  Crumbling Land      
5:44  05.  Alan’s Blues                  
6:51  06.  Oenone                    
6:53  07.  Rain in the Country  
5:02  08.  Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up

6:23  09.  The Violent Sequence
2:12  10.  Country Song Theme (band)
1:18  11.  Country Song Theme (acoustic)  
1:11  12.  Take Off (version II)
6:37  13.  Love Scene 1 (organ & guitar)              
7:51  14.  Love Scene 3 (band)
6:55  15.  Love Scene 4 (piano & vibes)                
6:44  16.  Love Scene 5 (double vibes)

The History
   In the summer of 1969 Michelangelo Antonioni completed the filming of his visionary and prophetic view of America and our society.  All that was left was to complete the movie with a good soundtrack.  Antonioni was interested in everything that was new and trendy among young people.  Don Hall was on the air during his nocturnal DJ program on KPPC FM Pasadena when he was contacted personally by Antonioni at the end of the summer of 1969.  Antonioni really liked Don and invited him to have some screenings of the movie.  After that Don provided a list of songs he felt would work, most coming from his program.  Antonioni asked MGM to hire Don as Music Advisor for the soundtrack and came back to Roma (Don still has a letter from Antonioni, sent from Rome with the list of the songs he'd like to be in the movie, all songs for the radio-desert sequences).

   Still they had to find how to score all the main sequences: Beginning, Violent, Take Off, Love and Explosions sequences (and eventually more).  Antonioni wanted original music for those sequences.  Many artists and bands were contacted to write original music for the movie, but none of them was asked to write the whole soundtrack of the movie.

   In October '69 Don was in Rome with Antonioni trying to find a way to score the whole movie in time for Christmas.  Near the end of the month it happened that Clare Peploe (cowriter of the movie and Antonioni's girlfriend at the time) brought to Rome a brand new copy of the new Pink Floyd album, Ummagumma, from London.  Antonioni, Don Hall and Clare listened to the new album with a small stereo at Antonioni's house in Rome.  Antonioni REALLY liked Ummagumma and listened several times to the whole album.  He liked “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” very much and told Don that he'd like a new version for the final sequence of Zabriskie Point. They decided to try and hire Pink Floyd to record all the original music they needed for the movie. MGM contacted Pink Floyd.  After that Steve O'Rourke came to Rome alone during the first days of November '69 to check and organize it all.  All was done in few days, and Pink Floyd came on the 15th of November with Pete Watts and Alan Stiles, cancelling some shows planned for their present tour.  Antonioni and Don showed the movie to them several times with some scenes already scored, highlighting those without.  At that point Steve and Roger Waters had a talk and asked Antonioni to try to score the whole movie.  He, been enthusiastic about Ummagumma, agreed.

   Pink Floyd produced a large quantity of music, especially for the Love Scene but Antonioni was not satisfied and the sessions ran longer than planned.  In the end Pink Floyd went back to London with some songs to finish.  Out of all the entire production of songs, including themes and variations, Antonioni ended up using only three songs.  He kept on searching for "something better" till the last days before the premiere of the movie.  In London Pink Floyd completed their final versions of eight songs with the intent of them being their eventual album for the Zabriskie Point soundtrack.


   What we at MQR present here is the closest thing possible to the album that would have been released by Pink Floyd in 1970 if they had been sole musicians on the soundtrack of the film, but extended with 8 more complete songs. The mixes on this record are either the mixes made by Pink Floyd for release, or as close as we could make using the material available.  We have restored and enhanced everything using the best technology and skills available to us. The quality of these tracks varies due to the sources used, but we have done our best to make it all sound as good as possible.


   Some songs used here were released officially, originally by MGM in 1970 and then in the extended edition by Rhino Records in 1997.  Other songs come from two celebrated unofficial sources, the bootlegs Omayyad and A Journey Though Time and Space.  Recently a better transfer of the ZP outtakes portion was made from the master tape used for Omayyad just for this work.  All the outtakes come from A Journey Though Time and Space.

   If this album had really been released in 1970 it wouldn’t have a title any different than Soundtrack For The Film Zabriskie Point.  A title is needed today to highlight this one from the multitude of collections released in the intervening years.
This title is invented based on Roman Session and assonance with the title of Omayyad.  All the songs’ titles are real, although “Country Song” and “Alan’s Blues” were only working titles. We knew all the working titles with the find of The Document where all are listed.  The three new titles, “Fingal's Cave”, “Oenone” and “Rain in the Country”, are taken from Omayyad, and for so many years were considered the fantasy titles of bootleggers.  Last year Don Hall confirmed that he aired those songs on KPPC FM Pasadena and announced them with just those names, as they were written on the tape' boxes sent to him by Pink Floyd. Omayyad was made from a recording of that broadcasting


1. Heart Beat, Pig Meat
This song is made up of the coming and going of Rick's Farfisa organ, Dave's excursions, recordings coming from televisions and talking lines by Don Hall, all over a heart beat like track created by tapping on a microphone. This is the first time Pink Floyd use a heart beat, but certainly not the last.  It's the soundtrack for the opening sequence of the movie with the titles, and one of the three songs ultimately chosen by Antonioni. It was performed live sometime in early 1970 as the initial part of an experimental suite.  The working title was Beginning Scene.

2. Country Song
With this song Pink Floyd meant to score some of the scenes in the desert with Daria driving her car as Don Hall confirmed.  The song was adapted into several versions in different styles, all recorded with the intent of being used as “Daria's Driving Theme”.  One of the two song for the movie with lyrics, which are in this case inspired by Alice in Wonderland, It came to us with its working title, probably because it was rejected before the end of the work.

3. Fingal's Cave
This name referred to Irish Mythology and a place in the Scottish isle of Staffa. This energetic song was written for the first Flying Scene of the movie together with two more songs.  It is rare to hear a loud, bombastic blues number like this performed by Pink Floyd, and only a couple pieces on More come even close to it stylistically. The working title was “Take Off (version I)”.

4. Crumbling Land
This is the long studio version with all the traffic noises recorded by Nick Mason in the streets of Rome.
Since the musical part is the same as the official one, a merge was made with the two.  The result is a restored complete studio version.  Having an unusual rhythm for a Pink Floyd song it's considered a country song, although in the end it's not.  For the movie only 34 seconds were used, and those were from an early take, not from the final version.  The title and some of the lyric content refer to Zabriskie Point (the place), to USA and the lyrics even include a reference to Michelangelo Antonioni.  Its working title was “Highway Song”.

5. Alan's Blues
This song arrived to us with its strange working title, probably because, similar to Country Song, it was rejected before the end of the work.  Although we have evidence that in December 1969 it was still intended to score a movie scene.  Alan Stiles was a roadie, present in Rome for the sessions.
When this was not released the band paid tribute to him with another number, Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast.  The base for this song was an attempt to satisfy Antonioni with a Blues for the Love Scene.
Once rejected for that, it was shortened to fit the roadhouse in the desert scene or perhaps another desert scene.  This kind of blues was performed live many times over the next three years.

6. Oenone
The name refers to Greek Mythology, similar to Sisyphus recorded a few weeks before.  Oenone was a nymph married to Paris of Troy. He left her for Helen of Sparta.  Oenone was an isle as well, connected to the Sisyphus story (!).  This song was surely written for the Love Scene, and Love Scene was likely a working title for it, as on the released tracks on the Rhino soundtrack. Pink Floyd tried four different musical styles to please Antonioni for that scene, including a blues.  This is the style that worked the best, from Pink Floyd's point of view.  It comes from several psychedelic approaches they tried under the direction of Antonioni.
   Great psychedelic performance by Rick and Dave, using techniques they experimented with live during Set The Controls, A Saucerful of Secrets and The Man & The Journey.

7. Rain in the Country.
Along with “The Narrow Way Part 1”, this song almost certainly has it's roots in “Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major” and in the second part you can clearly hear the germination of Atom Heart Mother (in fact The Amazing Pudding was performed only one month later...).  Probably another of many approaches to the Love Scene, Pink Floyd tried it for Antonioni coupled with the desert scenes as well, as Don Hall confirmed.  One of Gilmour's more interesting early compositions which really showcases his acoustic playing.  We aren't certain of the origins for the title but it was likely designed to create contrast with the dry locations of the movie.  The working title for this remains unknown. In fact a dissimilar mix was called “Unknown Song” on the 1997 Rhino Expanded Soundtrack.

8. Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up.
The perfect song for the final sequence.  This song is the reason Pink Floyd were called to score the important scenes of the movie by Antonioni, who was impressed by Ummagumma.  It's a remake of “Careful with that Axe, Eugene”, but with some variations.  There is no whispered sentence before the shout, the shout itself bursts in together with the guitar solo, long and repeated.  Dave's solo is absolutely vigorous and demoniac and the song reaches high levels of intensity.  The end comes suddenly without the usual gradual slowing down.
   The title refers to the TV series "Q", a surreal comedy show in the vein of (and forerunner to) Monty Python's Flying Circus, and its creator, comic Steve Milligan, who spoke that line.  The working title was Explosions, in reference to the scene that it was to be used for.


9. The Violent Sequence.
This came from Rick Wright in Nov ’69 and was rejected, leaving the scene with no music. It was one of the few ZP songs played live sometime in early 1970. Two years later it evolved into Us and Them.

10. Take Off (Version II)
The second attempt to satisfy Antonioni for the flight above LA. A 3rd unknown version was also written.

11 & 12. Country Song Themes
Two variations of Country Song used to score some desert scenes.

13 to 16. Love Song Variations
In this disc we have the various attempts at scoring the Love Scene. Pink Floyd clearly preferred the psychedelic angle for this scene.


RE-UP: Pink Floyd "Architects Of Sound" - 10CD - an instrumental history

An Instrumental History of Pink Floyd

Marked with asterisk (*) are the songs which are sourced
from the offically released CDs, or that have appeared
in officialy released and still available productions.

Tracks marked with asterisk (*) have been removed from this shared version.

DISC 01:
The early instrumentals

01 Experiment
02 Lets Roll Another One
03 Reaction in G
04 Interstellar Overdrive
05 A Saucerful of Secrets
06 Careful With That Axe, Eugene

DISC 02:
Instrumental themes from "The Man and The Journey" + "Moonhead"

01 Work
02 Teatime
03 Doing it!
04 Sleep
05 Daybreak - part 2
06 Beset by the Creatures of the Deep
07 The Pink Jungle
08 The Labyrinths Of Auximenes
09 Behold The Temple Of Light
10 The End of the Beginning
11 Moonhead

DISC 03:
Themes from "More" and "Ummagumma (Studio Album)"

*01 - Up the Khyber
*02 - Party Sequence
*03 - Main Theme
*04 - More Blues
*05 - Quicksilver
*06 - A Spanish Piece (music only)
*07 - Dramatic Theme    
08 - Hollywood        
*09 - Sysyphus part 1      
*10 - Sysyphus part 2        
*11 - Sysyphus part 3      
*12 - Sysyphus part 4      
*13 - Several Species  
*14 - The Narrow Way part 1
*15 - The Narrow Way part 2
*16 - The Grand Vizier's Garden party Part 1 - entrance
*17 - The Grand Vizier's Garden party Part 2 - entertainment
*18 - The Grand Vizier's Garden Party part 3 - exit

DISC 04:
Instrumentals from "Zabriskie Point"

*01 - Heart Beat Pig Meat (Beginning Scene)
02 - Violence Sequence
03 - Fingal's Cave (Take off - version 1)
04 - The Flying Sequence (Take off - version 2)
*05 - Unknown song (full mix)
06 - Country Song intro - harpsicord
07 - Love Scene 1
08 - Love Scene 2
09 - Love Scene 3 (Oenone)
*10 - Love Scene 4 (full mix)
11 - Love Scene 5
*12 - Love Scene 6 (full mix)

DISC 05:
Themes from "Atom Heart Mother" + Corrosion

01 - Atom Heart Mother
02 - Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
03 - The Libest Spacement Monitor
04 - Corrosion

DISC 06:
One of These Days Pompeii Echoes a Blues

*01 - Pompeii Intro
*02 - Mademoiselle Nobs
03 - One of These Days
04 - Echoes
05 - Blues

DISC 07:
Obscured by Clouds of the Dark Side

01 - Obscured by Clouds + When You're In
*02 - Mudmen
*03 - Absolutely Courtains
04 - Guitar Piece
05 - Speak to Me
06 - On the Run
07 - The Great Gig in the Sky
08 - Any Colour You Like

DISC 08:
Shine on the Last Few Bricks of Reason

01 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)
02 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9)
03 - The Last Few Bricks
04 - Signs of Life
05 - Round and Around
06 - Terminal Frost

DISC 09:
The last instrumentals

01 - Country Theme
02 - Small Theme
03 - Big Theme
04 - Carrera Slow Blues
05 - Mexico '78
06 - Pan Am Shuffle
*07 - Cluster One
08 - Marooned
09 - Soundscape

DISC 10:
Outtakes from this compilation

01 - Keep Smiling People
02 - The Embryo
03 - Fat Old Sun
*04 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (studio - Parts 1-9 complete mix)

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd "Games For May" - 4CD - 1966 - 1979 outtakes

Pink Floyd - 'Games for May'  Bedrock Records 1999
'All tracks are unreleased Studio Sessions'
4 Discs - Orginal Silvers
Set 192 of 1000
Artwork included
Disc 1-

EMIDISC Acetate London Early 1966
1) Lucy Leaves - 2:53
2 )King Bee - 3:03

Home Demo London 1966
3) Interstellar Overdrive - 6:20

Studio Sessions London September 1966 'San Francisco' Soundtrack
4) Interstellar Overdrive - 15:11

Sound Techniques Studios London February 27,1967
5) Arnold Layne - 2:54
6) Candy and A Currant Bun - 2:44

Acetates London February 1967
7) Arnold Layne - 2:26
8)Candy and A Currant Bun - 1:53
9) Interstellar Overdrive - 4:51

Studio Session 1967 - 'Tonite let's all make love in London' Soundtrack
10) Interstellar Overdrive - 16:48
11) Nick's Boogie - 11:50

EMIDIsc Acetate April 1967
12) See Emily Play - 2:41

Disc 2
Sound Technizues Studios London May 21, 1967
1) See Emily Play - 2:53

USA Single Only August 5, 1967
2) Flaming - 2:45

De Lane Lea Studios London October 1967
3) Vegetable Man - 2:29
4) Scream the Last Scream - 4:37

Abbey Road Studios London November 1967
5) Apples and Oranges - 3:04
6) Paintbox - 3:44

Abbey Road Studios London February 1968
7) It Would Be So Nice - 3:39
8) Julia Dream - 2:34

Sound Techniques Studios London May 1968 from the film' The Committee'
9) Untitled Ecert - 3:21

International Pop Festival Rome Italy May 5,1968
10) Interstellar Overdrive - 6:12

Abey Road Studios London
11) Caefrul With That Axe Eugene - 4:55        November 4,1968
12) Point Me to the Sky - 3:34                 December 17, 1968
13) The Embryo - 4:35                          Early 1969 Sampler LP 'Picnic'
14) Bidin' My Time - 5:14                      July 9, 1969
15) Main Theme 'More' - 3:05                   Summer 1969
16) Seabirds - 3:46                            Summer 1969
17) Cymbaline - 5:19                           Summer 1969

Studio Session Rome, Italy November-December 1969 From the Film 'Zabriskie Point'
18) Heart Beat, Pig Meat - 2:53
19) Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up - 3:52  (AKA Careful With That Axe Eugene) - 3:52

Disc 3
Studio Sessions Rome, Italy Nov.-Dec. 1969 'Zabriskie Point' Soundtrack
1)Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up - 3:52  (AKA Careful With That Axe Eugene)
2) Crumbling Land - 4:13
3) Heat Beat, Pig meat - 3:10

Studio Sessions Rome, iIaly Nov,-Dec. 1969 'Zabriskie Point' Out-Takes
4) Untitiled - 6:00
5) Country Song - 4:37
6) Love Scene #1 - 7:26
7) Love Scene #2 - 6:45
8) Untitled - 6:18  (aka Oenone)
9) Untitled - 1:49  (aka Fingal's Cave)

Holland Pop Festival Rotterdam june 28, 1970
10) Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun - 2:51
11) A Saucerful of Secrets - 6:03

Studio Sessions London Spring-Summer 1971 'Meddle' Out-Takes
12) One of These Days #1 - 4:32
13) One of These Days #2 - 6:30

Disc 4
Studio Sessions London Spring-Summer 1971 'Meddle' Out-Takes
1) Echoes - 20:20

Out-Takes from 'Pompeii' Soundtrack October 4-7, 1971
2) Opening Sequence - 3:53
3) Mademoiselle Knobs - 1:47  (aka Seamus)

Studio Sessions London 1972 'Dark Side of the Moon' Out-Takes with interview
4) Brain Damage - 1:58
5) Us and Them - 7:05
6) On the Run - 3:19

Studio Sessions London 1972 'Dark Side of the Moon' Out-Takes
7) Money - 1:40
8) Time - 6:05
9) Brain Damage - 3:23
10) Us and Them- 5:27

Studio Sessions London 1974 Nick Mason Christmas Single
11) Here Comes Santa - 2:11

Abbey Road Studios London February 1975 'Wish You Were Here' Out-Take
12) Shine On You Crazy Diamond - 6:30

Britannia Row Studios London Late 1976 'Animals' Out-Take
13) Pigs on a Wing Parts 1&2 - 3:31

Studio Session London April-November 1979 'The Wall' Out-Take
14) Comfortabley Numb - 2:35

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd "Flowers and Vegetables" - 1CD - 1966 - 1967 outtakes & rarities

Pink Floyd - Flowers and Vegetables

Outtakes and rarities from 1966 and 1967

Side 1

01 - Lucy Leave (Pink Floyd-Studio-Session)
02 - I'm a Kingbee (Pink Floyd-Studio-Session)
03 - REMOVED (officially released)
04 - Silas Lane (Studio Outtake 1967)

Side 2

01 - Experiment (Studio Outtake 1967) (mentionned on the disc on side2, but present at the end of the first side ...)
02 - Flaming (BBC Session September 1967)
03 - The Gnome (BBC Session September 1967)
04 - Mathilda Mother (BBC Session September 1967)
05 - The Scarecrow (BBC Session September 1967)
06 - Vegetable Man (BBC Session December 1967)
07 - Pow R Toc H (BBC Session December 1967)
08 - Scream Thy Last Scream (BBC Session December 1967)
09 - Jugband Blues (BBC Session December 1967)

Download this bootleg here

Saturday, April 23, 2016

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Munich 2006 - 2CD - July 29

David Gilmour
Königsplatz, München, Germany

"Fat Old Rain" (rec.1)
recorded by TS from row 5,seat 38 with
sony MZ RH 1 High-MD,binaural core sound

CD 1:
01 Breathe
02 Time / Breathe Reprise
03 Castellorizon / On An Island
04 The Blue
05 Red Sky At Night
06 This Heaven
07 Then I Close My Eyes
08 Band Intro / Happy Birthday
09 Smile
10 Take A Breath
11 A Pocketful Of Stones
12 Where We Start

Caused by the heavy rain at the beginning of set2 the recording equipement urgently needed water protection.
Thats why some tracks sound a little distant.

CD 2:
01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pt.1-5)
02 Astronomy Domine
03 Dark Globe
04 Fat Old Sun
05 Comming Back To Life
06 High Hopes
07 Echoes
08 Wish You Were Here
09 Comfortably Numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Klam 2006 - 2CD - July 28

Clam Castle, Klam, Austria
"Bootlegger Stop Your Machine Now!"

Sound Professionals CMC4 - battery box - SB Audigy 2 ZS - CDwave 48khz, 24 bit

Set 1:

01. Breathe
02. Time
03. Breathe reprise
04. Castellorizon
05. On An Island
06. The Blue
07. Red Sky at Night
08. This Heaven
09. Then I Close My Eyes
10. Smile
11. Take a Breath
12. A Pocketful of Stones
13. Where We Start

SET 2:

01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
02. Astronomy Domine
03. Dark Globe
04. Fat Old Sun
05. Coming Back to Life
06. High Hopes
07. Echoes
08. Wish You Were Here
09. Comfortably Numb

It was an excellent concert and here is an excellent recording for you.

Unfortunatelly I was busted during the first set by security. I had to take off my mics at the end of "Then I Close My Eyes", but
the recording was not stopped. I moved to an another position during the begining of Smile and positioned again my mics.

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in London 2006 - 2CD - May 30

David Gilmour
Royal Albert Hall, London 30th May 2006

KieranFunzig Recorder
from stalls block G

1st set

01 Speak to Me
02 Breathe
03 Time
04 Breathe (reprise)
05 Castellorizon
06 On An Island (with Croby and Nash)
07 The Blue (with Crosby and Nash)
08 Red Sky At Night
09 This Heaven
10 Then I close My Eyes (with Robert Wyatt)
11 Smile
12 Take A Breath
13 A Pocketful Of Stones
14 Where We Start

2nd set

15 Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-v (with Crosby and Nash)
16 Fat Old Sun
17 Arnold Layne
18 Coming Back To Life
19 High Hopes
20 The Great Gig In The Sky (with Mica Paris)
21 Echoes


22 Wish You Were Here
23 Find The Cost Of Freedom (with Crosby and Nash)
24 Comfortably Numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Glasgow 2006 - 2CD - June 27

Davie and The Armadillo"
Clyde Auditorium (known locally as the "Armadillo")
Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre
Glasgow, UK.
Band Members:

David Gilmour
Richard Wright
Dick Parry
Guy Pratt
Jon Carin
Steve DiStanislao
Phil Manzanera


David Crosby

Graham Nash was not present in Glasgow due to a "family emergency".


01 Breathe 03:04
02 Time 05:22
03 Breathe Reprise 01:56
04 Castellorizon 04:01
05 On An Island 08:14
06 The Blue 06:35
07 Red Sky At Night 02:44
08 This Heaven 04:40
09 Then I Close My Eyes 07:28
10 Band Intros 03:24
11 Smile 05:01
12 Take A Breath 06:25
13 A Pocketful Of Stones 06:29
14 Where We Start 07:17

01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11:12
02 Wots Uh The Deal 05:50
03 Fat Old Sun 06:10
04 Coming Back To Life 06:59
05 High Hopes 09:47
06 Echoes 22:02
07 Wish You Were Here 04:41
08 Arnold Layne 04:10
09 Comfortably Numb 08:31

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Manchester 2006 - 3CD - May 26

David Gilmour
"An Island On The Bridgewater Canal"
The Bridgewater Hall
26 May 2006

Recorded from Row N directly in front of the right hand PA

In my humble opinion this recording came out a dream however I shall leave it up to you to decide.

CD One
Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise)
On An Island (with Crosby and Nash)
The Blue (with Crosby and Nash)
Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
Take A Breath
A Pocketful Of Stones
Where We Start

CD Two
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (with Crosby and Nash)
Wearing The Inside Out
Fat Old Sun
Arnold Layne
Coming Back To Life
High Hopes

CD Three
Wish You Were Here
Find The Cost Of Freedom (with Crosby and Nash)
Comfortably Numb

What a concert!!! It was everything I hoped it would be sound wise but the lighting blew me away.
It's a long long time since I've seen lighting so sympathetic to the music.

Right from the opening sound effects tape intro to Breathe to the closing Comfortably Numb 2 hours and
40 minutes later my jaw was metaphorically on the floor with amazement. And trust me I've seen a gig or
two in my life.

The first half, apart from Breathe / Time / Breathe Reprise was the entire On An Island album. I really
like the record but live it takes on a massive life of its own when given the room to breathe (pun not intended).

So many great moments in the first half that when the interval came I could have gone home satisfied.

However if I had I would have missed what is possibly (and this is a bold statement made partially out
of the euphoria still coursing threw my veins the morning after) the greatest presentation of a set of
live music I have ever witnessed.

I will not go through the second half song by song, although trust me I could.

Suffice to say in my opinion David has now refined the perfect second half. This was the same as he
played on the last three US shows. Moving Breath / Time / Breathe Reprise to the first half actually
imrpoves the flow of the second half.

The fact he played my three favourite tracks off the Division Bell was great.

Having missed the 1994 tour to see High Hopes live for the first time was a pure joy. This is in my
opinion an all time Floyd classic. I thought that would be the highlight for me and it was for the
15 seconds it then took him to follow it with Echoes.

Echoes was simply as stunning a presentation of a single piece of music as I have ever seen.
The lights, sound, performance and lasers meshed to make it a hypnotic experience.

Can't wait to see the show again in London on Monday but it can't be better than last night. Surely?

Thank you David and the band plus Messrs Crosby & Nash for a peerless example of how to deliver a concert which after 32 years of following both Floyd and their solo projects is as good as anything
they have ever done before.

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live on Radio Captital 2006 - 1CD - April 7

2006-04-07 Radio Capital,Roma - Italy

Broadcast on Radio Capital

Track Listing

01 - Promo Special
02 - Interview Pt.1
03 - Castellorizon
04 - On An Island
05 - The Blue
06 - Take A Breath
07 - Smile
08 - Interview Pt.2
09 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V)
10 - Wearing The Inside Out
11 - Interview Pt.3
12 - Comfortably Numb+Outro

This recording is the same of The Mermaid Theatre, London.7th March 2006

It's called as "exclusive" in Italy, but the show was already circulating.I thought it was a special about italian DG concerts.... Btw I recorded this program which have some interviews (in italian) and I don't like to delete it,just for collection.


Friday, April 15, 2016

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Los Angeles 2006 - 2CD - April 20

David_Gilmour 2006-04-20 Gibson Amphitheatre

The sound is extraordinary clear and Gilmour's guitar is as powerful as « Gdanks » release.
You can almost hear the fingers touching the string  !
Sure that "moonwalk" was very close to the orchestra.

I kept the original recording without removing a comma, but :
During « Echoes » One of the channels was switched off during about sixty seconds.
Moonman fixed the problem,
Unfortunately 75 ms was missing in chanel 2 at 3"7s making a false stereo effect
I fixed here the problem. "Echoes" appears here with it's original sound.

Set List 1:
Disk 1
On An Island (CUT)
The Blue
Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
Band Introduction
Take A Breath
A Pocket Full Of Stones
Where We Start
Cost Of Freedom (from encore)

Set List 2
Disk 2
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. I-V
Wot's Uh The Deal
Fat Old Sun
Arnold Layne
Coming Back To Life
High Hopes
Wish You Were Here (encore)
Comfortably Numb (encore)

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Hollywood 2006 - 2CD - April 19

David Gilmour
April 19, 2006
Kodak Theatre
Hollywood, CA USA
audience recording

Set 1
01. Breathe
02. Time/Breathe (reprise)
03. Castellorizon
04. On an Island (w/ David Crosby & Graham Nash on backing vocals)
05. The Blue
06. Red Sky at Night
07. This Heaven
08. Then I Close My Eyes/Band Introduction
09. Smile
10. Take a Breath
11. A Pocketful of Stones
12. Where We Start


Set 2
01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I-V) (w/ David Crosby & Graham Nash on backing vocals)
02. Wearing the Inside Out (w/ Richard Wright on vocals)
03. Fat Old Sun
04. Arnold Layne
05. Coming Back To Life
06. High Hopes
07. Echoes
08. Wish You Were Here
09. Find the Cost of Freedom (A capella version with David Crosby, Graham Nash & David)
10. Comfortably Numb


RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Oakland 2006 - 3CD - April 17

David Gilmour
April 17, 2006
Paramount Theatre
Oakland, Ca

Disc 1
01 Breathe  4:04
02 Time  5:25
03 Breathe Reprise  2:23
04 Castellorizon  4:02
05 On An Island  7:59
06 The Blue  5:34
07 Red Sky At Night  3:26
08 This Heaven  4:43
09 Then I Close My Eyes  9:14
10 Smile  4:41
11 Take A Breath  6:52
12 A Pocketful Of Stones  6:21
13 Where We Start  7:31
Total Time 72:15

Disc 2
01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond pt I-V  12:07
02 Wearing The Inside Out  8:21
03 Fat Old Sun  7:11
04 Arnold Layne  3:54
05 Coming Back To Life  6:52
06 High Hopes  9:56
07 Echoes  24:44
Total Time 73:05

Disc 3
01 Wish You were Here  5:35
02 Comfortably Numb  10:09
Total Time 15:44


  Since the beginning of the tour Gilmour has played the whole new album during the first set of each show. Initially, the show would open with this album but on April 16th, the day before this performance the decision was made to take the Breathe-Time-Breathe reprise segment and move it to the beginning of the show. This allowed him to welcome the audience after playing these songs and then introduce the new album before any of it was played. This worked well so it was used again during this show. During the second set, Shine On and Wearing The Inside Out are played, as they have since the beginning of the tour. This is followed by Arnold Layne which is performed here for the first time since October 6th, 1967 making this a very special show. The song was then included in additional shows in both Europe and the US and is featured on the Gilmour commercial DVD as he sings the song with David Bowie. The remainder of the setlist included songs played consistently throughout the tour. Both source recordings were excellent but had different dynamics and slightly different sound characteristics. At times, there is a nice stereo separation so listening with earphones is recommended.

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Oakland 2006 - 2CD - April 16

David Gilmour
Paramount Theater
Oakland,Calif., U.S.A.

Quality:Excellent -
Recorded by>sunvenusmoon
Gear:AT953Rx > PS-2 > Hosa MIT-176 > Sony D8

D-1 72:50

01-Speak to Me/Breathe
02-Time/Breathe (Reprise)
04-The Blue  
05-Red Sky At Night    
06-Then I Close My Eyes    
08-Take A Breath
09-A Pocketful Of Stones
10-Where We Start

D-2 79:16
11-Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
12-Wot's... Uh the Deal
14-Coming Back to Life    
15-High Hopes    
17-Wish You Were Here
18-Comfortably Numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Rosemont 2006 - 3CD - April 13

David Gilmour- On An Island Tour
Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont IL
source- Sony ECM DS70P,
Sony Hi MD MZ-M100 (PCM 44.1)

Disc 1



Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in New York 2006 - 2CD - April 4

David Gilmour
"Sitting Comfortably"
Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY  USA
Markbot Master Series MMS003
Master Recording
2nd Mezzanine Row J Seat 609
Artwork included

Some channel level balancing and amplification was performed.
No EQ or other editing was performed in order to make it
easier to use in a matrix or surround mix.
Considering the recording location, this recording turned out surprisingly well.

Set One:
01  Castellorizon
02  This Heaven
03  Smile
04  Red Sky at Night
05  Take a Breath
06  Then I Close My Eyes
07  Intros
08  On An Island*
09  The Blue*
10  A Pocketful of Stones
11  Where We Start
Set Two:
12  Shine on You Crazy Diamond*
13  Wearing the Inside Out
14  Dominoes
15  Fat Old Sun
16  Breathe
17  Time
18  Breathe (Reprise)
19  High Hopes
20  Echoes

21  Wish You Were Here
22  Find the Cost of Freedom*
23  Comfortably Numb

*David Crosby and Graham Nash on vocals


RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Milan 2006 - 3CD - March 24

David Gilmour
Teatro Arcimboldi
Milano, Italia

"It's time to GIG another one!!!"
Recorded by Alessandro F.

Disc 1
01) Castellorizon
02) On an island
03) The blue
04) Red sky at night
05) This heaven
06) Then I close my eyes + band intro
07) Take a breath
08) Smile
09) A pocketful of stones
10) Where we start

Disc 2
01) Shine on you crazy diamond
02) Wot's...uh the deal
03) Wearing the inside out
04) Coming back to life
05) Breathe
06) Time
08) Breathe (reprise)
09) High hopes
10) Echoes

Disc 3
01) Wish you were here
02) Comfortably numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Amsterdam 2006 - 2CD - March 19

Sunday 2006-03-19
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

** TAPING LOCATION: row 12, seat 11 (left aisle from stage)

Set 1:

01. Castellorizon [4:12]
02. On An Island [7:09]
03. The Blue [5:57]
04. Red Sky at Night [3:24]
05. This Heaven [4:22]
06. Then I Close My Eyes  [7:41]
07. Smile [4:36]
08. Take a Breath [6:52]
09. Band Introduction  [1:19]
10. A Pocketful of Stones  [7:56]
11. Where We Start [7:24]

SET 2:

12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt.1-5 [11:37]
01. Wot's ... Uh The Deal [5:54]
02. Wearing The Inside Out [8:32]
03. Dominoes [5:40]
04. Breathe [3:14]
05. Time [5:26]
06. Breathe Reprise [1:19]
07. High Hopes [9:13]
08. Echoes [23:46]
09. Wish You Were Here [5:36]
10. Comfortably Numb  [8:24]

This is the second time in a week I saw Pink Floyd, erhm
sorry, I mean David Gilmour. I liked the Paris Olympia
show a lot (see "He Spoke French!" FA024). At Paris, the
band seemed to enjoy themselves more, David was happy to
play in France and had a lot of fun and interaction with
the audience. The venue was very special too and a
majority of the audience was made of diehard fans and

Now Amsterdam First Night was very different. The type
of audience was more ecclectic, ranking from the usual
PF freaks to the housewife who was expecting to hear
Money but never heard of a song called Echoes. I won't
say the audience wasn't receptive or cold, but they were
very polite... I can't compare it better than with the
Japanese audience from the early seventies. It was a real
pleasure to be able to hear songs until the very very last
faded out note before they began to clap. It is very
enjoyable not to have to shout SIT YER FUK'N ASS DOWN.
Actually, in the middle of a song you might even think
this is a soundboard source, that's how quite and
respectful the audience was.

So yes, the venue wasn't on fire, and I admit the
performance was a little more mechanical than in Paris.
Maybe that the band felt the 'coolness' too, but in my
opinion and in terms of performance, this is one of the
best show from the European tour because they played
perfectly. All songs are flawless, Technical issues, unlike
on other nights, were minor and few (David "lost a bit
of guitar" just after A Pocketful of Stones but it didn't
screw up a song). The band gave the best of what they
could play, wrapped in stage smoke and laser shows that
hasn't to blemish from the comparison with the stadion
tours. Actually we are blessed David chose to play smaller
venues for this tour : half this show would be impossible
to play in open field or stadions. We couldn't have enjoyed
Dominoes, Wot's Uh Deal, and even this maestro
re-orchestration of Shine On anywhere else than in music

Who do we have here on stage? "The voice and guitar of
Pink Floyd" ; the original keyboard player and arranger ;
Dick Parry, the same sax as on the DSOTM album, the band's
first additional live musician ; Jon Carin who can be counted
as a fulltime live member since 1987 and also tours (and
will tour again) with good ol' Roger ; Guy Pratt, familiar
from the 94 tour too ; ... you bought a ticket for David
Gilmour, but you'll come out dreaming of the best Pink Floyd
show you've heard in years :-)

"..." - DG: "Sorry ?" - "You're 60!" - DG: "I know."
DG: "Right, we're gonna sing one more song here...
well, _ I _ am gonna sing it - they're gonna play it.
And this is called Where We Start. We're gonna take a
short break after this ... to regather our senses."
Some idiot: "SYD BARRETT I WISH YOU WERE HERE" DG: "Yeah yeah"
Some dude right before WTIO singing: "Is there anybody out there?"
Some other dude after CN: "Hey David, thank you very, very much"
and of course ... "YEESHKUL!"


RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Frankfurt 2006 - 3CD - March 18

David Gilmour
Alte Oper
Frankfurt, Germany

"Fire Your Roadie"
recorded by T.S. from row 1 seat 7
core sound binaural micros > sharp 1 bit MD 2x speed > adobe audition > wav > flac > mp3

Disc 1:
01) Castellorizon
02) On An Island
03) The Blue
04) Red Sky At Night
05) This Heaven
06) Then I Close My Eyes
07) Smile
08) Take A Breath (interrupted)
09) Take A Breath
10) Pocketful Of Stones
11) Where We Start

Disc 2:
01) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
02) Band Introduction
03) Wot's...Uh The Deal (interrupted)
04) Wot's...Uh The Deal
05) Wearing The Inside Out
06) Fat Old Sun
07) Breathe
08) Time
09) Breathe Reprise
10) High Hopes
11) Echoes

Disc 3:
01) Wish You Were Here
02) Comfortably Numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Paris 2006 - 3CD - March 16

David Gilmour
Paris, France

Title : Dreamer On An Island (from master DAT)[recorder 5]

Recorded by Dreamer
Extracted and mastered by Fresh
Artwork by Sir "Dali" Flying Pig

Disc 1 :
101 - Castellorizon ( 3"44 )
102 - On an Island ( 7"55 )
103 - The Blue ( 5"55 )
104 - The Great Gig In The Sky ( 5"18 )
105 - Happy Birthday ( 0"46 )
106 - Red Sky At Night ( 3"29 )
107 - This Heaven ( 4"31 )
108 - Then I Close My Eyes ( 7"32 )
109 - Smile ( 5"00 )
110 - Take A Breath ( 6"40 )
111 - A Pocketful Of Stones ( 6"36 )
112 - Where We Start ( 7"43 )
Total duration : 1'05"09

Disc 2 :
201 - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (interrupted) ( 8"48 )
202 - Shine on You Crazy Diamond ( 8"24 )
203 - Band Introduction ( 2"11 )
204 - Wot's... Uh The Deal ( 5"36 )
205 - Wearing The Inside Out ( 7"48 )
206 - Fat Old Sun ( 6"06 )
207 - Breathe ( 2"59 )
208 - Time ( 5"22 )
209 - Breathe Reprise (1"24 )
210 - High Hopes ( 9"10 )
Total duration : 0'57"48

Disc 3 :
301 - Echoes ( 23"16 )
302 - Wish You Were Here ( 5"42 )
303 - Comfortably Numb ( 8"31 )
Total duration : 37"29


RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Dortmund 2006 - 2CD - March 10

David Gilmour
Konzerthaus Dortmund, Germany

title: First Night in Europe (rec.2)
disc/s: 2

Disc 1:
01. Catellorizon [4:45]
02. On An Island [7:52]
03. The Blue [6:34]
04. Red Sky at Night [2:50]
05. This Heaven [4:26]
06. Then I Close My Eyes [8:13]
07. Smile [4:41]
08. Take A Breath [6:38]
09. A Pocketful Of Stones [6:39]
10. Where We Start [7:50]
11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond [11:56]

Disc 2:
01. Wot's..Uh The Deal [5:43]
02. Wearing The Inside Out [7:21]
03. Breathe [3:02]
04. Time / Breathe Reprise [7:32]
05. Dominoes [5:57]
06. High Hopes [9:26]
07. Echoes [18:39]
08. audience [3:02]

09. Wish You Were Here [5:15]
10. Comfortably Numb [8:37]

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Paris 2002 - 2CD - January 24

David Gilmour
Palais des Congres de Paris
Paris, France
January 24, 2002

"Palais des Congres de Paris"

Disc 1:
1.  Intro
2.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)
3.  Fat Old Sun
4.  Coming Back To Life
5.  Dominoes
6.  High Hopes
7.  High Hopes (choir only)
8.  Je Crois Entendre Encore
9.  Smile
10. Breakthrough
11. Faire Un Peepee
12. Wish You Were Here

Disc 2
1.  Comfortably Numb
2.  Dimming Of The Day
3.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9)
4.  A Great Day For Freedom
5.  Hushabye Mountain

Sam Brown
Margot Buchanan
Caroline Dale
Claudia Fontaine
Nick France
Michael Kamen
Carol Kenyon
Neil MacColl
Durga McBroom
Chucho Merchan
Dick Parry
Richard Wright
and others



Download this bootleg here

Monday, April 11, 2016

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Wantagh 1984 - 2CD - July 13

David Gilmour : The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 74

July 13, 1984
Jones Beach
Wantagh, NY

------incomplete recording....the quality varies with the wind on this jones beach recording......
also there's some crazy guy yelling "sit down" ------

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ

01 Until We Sleep
02 All Lovers Are Deranged
03 Love On The Air
04 Mihalis
05 Cruise
06 Short And Sweet
07 Money
08 Out Of The Blue
09 Let's Get Metaphysical
10 You Know I'm Right
11 Run Like Hell
12 Blue Light
13 Murder
14 Near The End

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Bethlehem 1984 - 1CD - July 12 - soundboard

David Gilmour - Facing the Love in Bethlehem
Date: July 12th 1984
Venue: Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Media: MURPHY RECORDS  (Silver)
Source: Soundboard

A excellent sounding silver I bought back in 2003.
As far as I know this happend to be a FM Broadcast.

1. Until We sleep
2. All Lovers Are Deranged
3. Money
4. Love On The Air
5. Short And Sweet
6. You Know I'm Right
7. Run Like Hell
8. Blue Light
9. Introduction Of The Band
10. Comfortably Numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Berkeley 1984 - 2CD - June 29 - soundboard

David Gilmour
Berkeley, CA
29 June 1984

soundboard recording
artwork included

Disc 1 
1. Until We Sleep                   (7:18)
2. All Lovers Are Deranged          (5:32)
3. Love On The Air                  (5:25)
4. Mihalis                          (9:19)
5. Cruise                           (8:13)
6. Short & Sweet                    (7:17)
7. Money                            (12:37)
8. Out Of The Blue                  (3:49)
Total   59:32

Disc 2
1. You Know I'm Right               (7:16)
2. Run Like Hell                    (7:05)
3. Blue Light                       (11:56)
4. Murder                           (8:45)
5. Near The End                     (11:08)
6. Comfortably Numb                 (9:41)

Total   55:53

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in San Francisco 1984 - 2CD - June 26

David Gilmour
San Francisco
1984, June 26

Untill We Sleep
All Lovers Are
Love On The Air
Short & Sweet
Out Of The Blue

You Know I'm Right
Run Like Hell
Blue Light
Near The End
Confortably Numb

artwork included

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Irvine 1984 - 2CD - June 23

1984-06-23 - David Gilmour - Irvine - Recorder 1

Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, California, USA

Track list:

01 Until We Sleep
02 All Lovers Are Deranged
03 Love On The Air
04 Mihalis
05 Cruise
06 Short And Sweet
07 Money
08 Out Of The Blue
09 You Know I'm Right
10 Run Like Hell
11 Blue Light
12 Band Intro
13 Murder
14 Near The End
15 Comfortably Numb
16 I Can't Breathe Anymore

The Band:
David Gilmour - guitar, vocals
Gregg Dechart - keyboards
Mickey Feat - bass, vocals
Mick Ralphs - guitar, vocals
Raff Ravenscroft - saxophones
Chris Slade - drums, percussion
Jodi Linscott - percussion

New date and very good audience recording.

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Universal City 1984 - 2CD - June 21

audience recording

01. Until We Sleep-
02. All Lovers Are Deranged
03. Love On The Air
04. Malhalis
05. Cruise
06. Short And Sweet
07. Money
08. Out Of The Blue
09. Lets Get Metaphysical
10. You Know Im Right
11. Run Like Hell
12. Blue Light
13. -band intros-
14. Murder
15. Near The End
16. Comfortably Numb

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in San Diego 1984 - 2CD - June 20

June 20, 1984 (Open Air Theater, San Diego State University, San Diego, California)

1.1 Until We Sleep  7:03
1.2 All Lovers Are Deranged 6:28
1.3 Love On The Air 6:11
1.4 Mihalis 10:19
1.5 Cruise 8:34
1.6 Short And Sweet 8:00
1.7 Money 12:07

2.1 Out Of The Blue 4:05
2.2 Let's Get Metaphysical  6:32
2.3 You Know I'm Right 8:27
2.4 Run Like Hell 7:24
2.5 Blue Light 9:32
2.6 Band Introductions 2:27
2.7 Murder 9:49
2.8 Comfortably Numb 10:20

David Gilmour - Lead Guitars and Vocals
Mick Ralphs - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Mickey Feat - Bass Guitars and Backing Vocals
Gregg Dechart - Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Raff Ravenscroft - Saxophones
Jodi Linscott - Percussion
Chris Slade - Drums

From The Pink To The Blue
            The departure of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd was both a blessing and a curse for David Gilmour. Some Floyd fans and critics at the time thought that Waters had completely taken over the band, stifling the musical expressions of the others. After The Final Cut, Waters was gone and David Gilmour elected to move forward with his second solo album called About Face. This venture allowed Gilmour to showcase his talents outside of the sphere of Pink Floyd and freed him to explore different styles of music. This time, David Gilmour asked Bob Ezrin to help with the production of the album. Mr. Ezrin had produced The Wall and later was instrumental in returning Pink Floyd to the stage in 1987. Dave then formed his band by bringing together musicians from many different spheres of music. These included drummer Jeff Porcaro from Toto, Anne Dudley from The Art of Noise and even contributions from Steve Winwood and Pete Townshend.
            Pete Townshend helped David Gilmour write both Love on the Air and All Lovers are Deranged. When asked about this collaboration David made the following statement: “I had lyrics for those songs but I really didn't like them. I asked him for help because I was running short on time and even shorter on inspiration for improving the lyrics. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got the cassette back for Love on the Air. I like where he had put the line and how he had done the vocal. I had heard the vocal line in a completely different place and deliberately sent Pete a tape with no melody on it. It was just a completed backing track with no lines on it at all and no ideas as to what I thought the lyrics should be. He didn't have any restrictions. Of course in some places which I intended to be instrumental, he put words on. Lovers was the same situation, only I changed the placing of his melody and lyrics a bit”. -1985
            David Gilmour began the About Face tour with a brief appearance on British Television on March 30th, 1984, playing just two songs from his new album. This was  followed the next day by the first full concert in Dublin, Ireland, at the National Stadium. Gilmour’s set consisted of a collection of the best songs from his two solo albums and, inevitably, a few Pink Floyd songs as well. The European leg of the tour consisted of 23 performances including 4 nights at the Hammersmith Odeon in London during which a concert video was recorded featuring a surprise guest appearance by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. The group then went to North America where 48 more shows were played. Beginning in Quebec on May 9th, this part of the tour took the troop across the United States to California, back East to Florida and ended with a final performance on July 16th in New York City.
            The show we bring you here was recorded in San Diego on June 20th, 1984, their first day in California. With an open air venue the sound will be a bit different than most audience recordings presented by PRRP. However, we feel that this performance shows David Gilmour and his solo band to be polished, versatile and a musical force in its own right; no small feat given the reputation of a band like Pink Floyd. The taper of this show remembers it well and provided us with the following details of that performance, “As for the mix, the way I taped that show was with a stereo Sony that had built in microphones. I used to hang it around my neck and let it hang around my chest area to get good lines with the speaker. If security would arrive, I would slightly lean one way or the other to keep the recorder out of view. You can hear the sound shift when I did that, but it is only brief and occasional. Since I was in the second row, I most likely got a bad mix anyway, monitors mostly, the PA system was too far on the sides to get the full blast of the mix.  I remember that I had a great time. The show was phenomenal.  Jody Linscott was just starting to show her pregnancy and Mick Ralphs just tore up his solos. My buddy went up and placed a one dollar bill on the stage right in front of David Gilmour as he was wailing away on (the song) Money, he broke his concentration briefly, looking up at our group and smiling with the head nod, it was a hi-five all around. To stand in front of Gilmour, 3 feet away, and watch this guy for two hours was a dream come true”.
            There were those who were concerned that the departure of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd would leave that band without a stable musical driving force. With this year of solo work, David Gilmour answered those concerns and showed that even without Waters, Pink Floyd was still well endowed with musical talent and that they could carry on despite the loss of one of their most noted members.

Notes from the Re-master
            This show comes to us as a master cassette tape. It was digitized using 32-bit format and 24-bit resolution. Analysis revealed music signal up to 11,000Hz. The complete show is here so no patches were necessary but the tape flips and change from tape 1 to tape 2 needed to be mixed. The taper provided us with the details regarding his location in the audience as noted above.
            Hiss was a moderate problem that was reduced using selective techniques. Crackle was also present throughout the show and needed separate techniques to be reduced. Given the frequency response of the recorder, the midrange was too harsh so filters were applied to reduce this excess. An imbalance between the two channels was present and a 12% correction was necessary. The mix does change through the show. During the first few songs the sound, and in particular the vocals are a bit distant even though we know the taper was in the second row. This improves by the time Cruise is played. Applause was attenuated where necessary and other noises such as feedback, clicks and pops were removed.

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Mesa 1984 - 2CD - June 19

David Gilmour 1984-06-19
Mesa Amphitheater, Mesa, AZ, USA

Label: none
Sound quality: just amazing!

Another part of the 1984 world tour, promoting "About Face".

Not commercially released by the band.
I know this show is already in circulation in its completeness.
But I decided to share my own version as well because I was absolutely surprised when I listened to it for the first time after a few years. The sound quality of my tape is really amazing!
Don’t know if it’s better than the complete version I heard of – so it’s up to anybody who can to compare.

Tracklist (not the complete show, but crisp soundquality):
01. Audience
02. Love On The Air
03. Mihalis
04. Short and Sweet
05. Money
06. Let's Get Metaphysical
07. You Know I'm Right
08. Run Like Hell
09. Blue Light
10. Band introduction > Murder
TT: 82 min

David Gilmour, Gregg Dechart, Mickey Feat, Jody Linscott, Mick Ralphs, Raff Ravenscroft, Chris Slade


RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Chicago 1984 - 2CD - June 8

David Gilmour *Master* U.I.C. Pavilion Circle Campus Chicago Ill.


*This was the magical recording from the tour. Amazing Clean sound!
 I love this recording! There are moments to REALLY CRANK UP ON THE STEREO.*

**This recording is unprocessed. Mistakes from the master are not edited.**


About 8th row right center (Main Floor)


Tape: Maxell XL-II-S C-90 Dolby On
Mics: AKG 460 B w/ CK1 capsules

***The entire show "I have" is here! Even if the tracks say otherwise***

cd 1

Until We Sleep
All Lovers Are Deranged
Love On the Air
Short And Sweet
Out Of the Blue

cd II

Let's Get Metaphysical
You Know I'm Right
Run Like Hell
Blue Light
Near the End
Comfortably Numb


RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Upper Darby 1984 - 2CD - May 30

David Gilmour - Upper Darby 30.5.84
Tower Theatre
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Source: audience
Quality: VG+
CDR: [57:47 + 57:32]

Disc 1:
1. Until We Sleep [7:17]
2. All Lovers Are Deranged [4:49]
3. Love On The Air [6:32]
4. Mihalis [10:00]
5. Cruise [7:10]
6. Short And Sweet [8:05]
7. Money [9:35]
8. Out Of The Blue [4:19]

Disc 2:
1. Let's Get Metaphysical [7:03]
2. You Know I'm Right [7:30]
3. Run Like Hell [7:14]
4. Blue Light [10:38]
5. Murder [9:05]
6. Comfortably Numb [9:47]
7. I Can't Breathe Anymore [6:14]

Total time: 115min 20sec

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in New Haven 1984 - 1CD - May 27

David Gilmour
Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT


01 Short And Sweet (fade in)             [01:41]
02 Money                                 [08:49]
03 Out Of The Blue                       [03:58]
04 Let’s Get Metaphysical                [07:16]
05 You Know I’m Right                    [07:19]
06 Run Like Hell                         [07:52]
07 Blue Light                            [08:19]
08 Band Introduction                     [02:36]
09 Murder                                [07:51]
10 Near The End                          [02:24]
11 Comfortably Numb                      [08:37]

The Band:
         David Gilmour (guitar, vocals)
         Gregg Dechart (keyboards)
         Mickey Feat (bass, vocals)
         Mick Ralphs (guitar, vocals)
         Raff Ravenscroft (saxophones)
         Chris Slade (drums, percussion)
         Jodi Linscott (percussion)

This is a incomplete rec, but it's the only know rec for this date.

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Boston 1984 - 2CD - May 25

David Gilmour
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA

artwork included

Disc 1
01. Until We Sleep  6:50
02. All Lovers Are Deranged  5:44
03. Love On The Air  5:25
04. Mihalis  10:04
05. Cruise  6:21
06. Short And Sweet  7:50
07. Money  9:05
08. Out Of The Blue  4:21

Total Time: 55:40

Disc 2
01. Let's Get Metaphysical  7:32
02. You Know I'm Right   7:04
03. Run Like Hell   6:31
04. Blue Light  8:40
05. Band Introductions   1:47
06. Murder   8:36
07. Near The End  11:20
08. Comfortably Numb   10:06
09. There's No Way Out Of Here  6:47

Total Time: 68:23

1. Attenuate Audience noise -Yells and cheering during songs.
2. Repair noise from Left channel when present.
3. Correct balance.
4. Adjust Tone and dynamics.
5. Speed checked and found to be correct.
6. Repair missing section to complete the show.
7. Re-Track.
8. Rare bass distortion uncorrectable and remains.

David says "making a lot of noise out there....I thought there supposed to be quiet people in Boston" after All Lovers. There's No Way Out Of Here" played as special encore.

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in New York 1984 - 2CD - May 24

David Gilmour
About Face Live in New York
Beacon Theater, New York, NY

01-Until We Sleep
02-All Lovers Are Deranged
03-Love on the Air
06-Short and Sweet
07-Run Like Hell

01-Out of the Blue
02-Let's Get Metaphysical
03-You Know I'm Right
05-Blue Light

David Gilmour-Guitar, Vocals
Mick Ralphs-Guitar
Mickey Feat-Bass Guitar
Chris Slade-Drums
Raff Ravenscroft-Saxophone
Jodi Linscott-Percussion
Gregg Dechart-Keyboards

Audience recording.

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in New York 1984 - 2CD - May 22

David Gilmour : The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 33

More than three years had passed between “The Wall” and “The Final Cut,”
and while I liked the new album, the shortage of Gilmour material was
shocking. It took another year of waiting, but in March 1984, David Gilmour
triumphantly returned with the release of “About Face.” I recorded this
tape from the third row of the loge as New York City welcomed back a true
guitar hero.

May 22, 1984
Beacon Theater
New York, NY

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ

01 Until We Sleep
02 All Lovers Are Deranged
03 Love On The Air
04 Mihalis
05 Cruise
06 Short And Sweet
07 Run Like Hell
08 Out Of The Blue
09 Let's Get Metaphysical
10 You Know I'm Right
11 Money
12 Blue Light
13 Murder
14 Near The End
15 Comfortably Numb

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Ottawa 1984 - 2CD - May 12

David Gilmour
May 12th, 1984
The Civic Centre
Ottawa, Ont

artwork included

Disc 1
1. Until We Sleep
   All Lovers Are Deranged (11:46)
2. Love On The Air (6:52)
3. Mihalis (9:50)
4. Cruise (6:30)
5. Short And Sweet (7:27)
6. Run Like Hell (6:14)
7. Out Of The Blue (4:22)

Disc 2
1. Let's Get Metaphysical (7:10)
2. You Know I'm Right (7:00)
3. Money (8:12)
4. Blue Light (8:43)
5. Murder (6:37)
6. Near The End (10:45)
7. Comfortably Numb (8:15)

SQ (1-6): 5,5.

A part of the nort american leg of the 1984 "About Face" world tour. Very rare bootleg in excellent sound quality. Discs' division compatible with the course of the show. Equipment failure at the beginning of the show (during „Until We Sleep” and the beginning of „All Lovers Are Deranged”). From 1st gen tape.

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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Quebec 1984 - 2CD - May 9

David Gilmour

Tape1 side1
01 Until We Sleep
02 All Lover's Are Deranged
03 There's No Way Out Of Here
04 Love On The Air
05 Mihalis

Tape1 side2
01 Cruise
02 ???
03 ???
04 Run Like Hell

Tape2 side1
01 ???
02 ???
03 ???
04 ???

Tape2 side2
01 ???
02 ???
03 Comfortably Numb/???

2 tapes I bought so many years ago
audience recording B+

I need help for tracklist


Monday, April 4, 2016

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live at Knebworth 1990 - 1CD - June 30 - soundboard

OHM 026
The sound quality here is excellent.

This is taken from the stereo broadcast.

Even "Comfortably Numb" and "Run Like Hell" are taken from the broadcast, as they sound
slightly different than the "clean" versions on the official "Knebworth - The Album".

It was a live broadcast, so there are some imperfections in the mix
(the debut vocals on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Wish You Were Here" and "Comfortably Numb"
are first too low mixed, then suddently perfectly audible).

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1-5)  11:51
2. The Great Gig In The Sky    7:12
3. Wish You Were Here    5:54
4. Sorrow  13:22
5. Money  12:21
6. Comfortably Numb    8:41
7. Run Like Hell    8:22


Rick Wright
Nick Mason
David Gilmour

Guy Pratt
Jon Carin
Tim Renwick
Gary Wallis
Durga McBroom
Sam Brown
Vicki Brown

Claire Torry
Michael Kamen
Candy Dulfer

30 Jun. 1990, Knebworth Festival

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Paris 1989 - 2CD - July 1

P.F. 1989-07-01 Palais Omnisports De Paris
Silvers Discs Paris Bercy 89

01-Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I - V).
02-Signs Of Life-Learning To Fly.
03 Yet Another Movie-Round And Around.
04 A New Machine (part I)
05 Terminal Frost.
06 A New Machine (part II)-Sorrow.
07 Dogs Of War.
08 On The Turning Away.
09 One Of These Days.

Disc 2

02-On The Run.
03-The Great Gig In The Sky.
04-Wish You Were Here.
05-Welcome To The Machine.
06-Us And Them.
08-Another Brick In The Wall (part II).
09-Confortably Numb.
10-One Slip.
11-Run Like Hell

Download this bootleg here

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Lahti 1989 - 4CD - June 20

Pink Floyd
10 June, 1989
Lahden Suurhalli
Lahti, Finland

Cassette One:
 1. Audience - Ambient Noises  1:27
 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 12:56
 3. Signs Of Life     17:08
 4. Learning To Fly 22:15
 5. Yet Another Movie 30:24
 6. A New Machine (Pt. 1) 31:52
 7. Terminal Frost 37:48
 8. A New Machine (Pt. 2) 38:24
 9. Sorrow (tape flip) 47:08
Total: 47:08

Cassette Two:
 1. Sorrow (continued)  2:00
 2. Dogs Of War 10:25
 3. On The Turning Away (band break) 19:48
 4. One Of These Days 28:33
 5. Time 34:04
 6. On The Run 37:38
 7. The Great Gig In The Sky 42:20
Total: 42:20

Cassette Three:
 1. Wish You Were Here (tape flip)   4:59
 2. Welcome To The Machine 13:08
 3. Us And Them (false start) 18:20
 4. Us And Them 25:30
 5. Technical Difficulties - Noodling 30:31
 6. Money 41:32
 7. Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2) 47:45
  Total: 48:23

Cassette Four:
 1. Comfortably Numb  9:45
 2. Band Break - Applause 12:47
 3. One Slip 19:51
 4. Run Like Hell
Total: 28:58
    Grand Total:     166:41

Comments: This show is worth having for the following reasons:

1. It was Floyd's first (and I believe only) stop in Finland, which
   Gilmour notes at one point.
2. This is the complete show, with the exception of tape flips.
3. This strays a bit from the strict, keep-the-music-synched-to-video,
   never improvise nature of the "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" and
   "The Division Bell" shows due to the "technical difficulties" that
   cause a restart of 'Us And Them' and a good deal of time
   between tracks. As a result, we are treated to a really nice,
   lengthy solo at the start of the track by Rick, and some
   interesting noodling by David, to include a 'Johnny B. Goode' riff.

One good marker to determine the source of this tape vice other
possible recorders is the gasping, choking sounds of someone near the
taper just before the lead-in to 'One Of These Days'.

The tracks have not been split or edited in any way. They are at
48 Khz, the same as they are on the original DAT.

Download this bootleg here