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RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Amsterdam 2006 - 2CD - March 19

Sunday 2006-03-19
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

** TAPING LOCATION: row 12, seat 11 (left aisle from stage)

Set 1:

01. Castellorizon [4:12]
02. On An Island [7:09]
03. The Blue [5:57]
04. Red Sky at Night [3:24]
05. This Heaven [4:22]
06. Then I Close My Eyes  [7:41]
07. Smile [4:36]
08. Take a Breath [6:52]
09. Band Introduction  [1:19]
10. A Pocketful of Stones  [7:56]
11. Where We Start [7:24]

SET 2:

12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt.1-5 [11:37]
01. Wot's ... Uh The Deal [5:54]
02. Wearing The Inside Out [8:32]
03. Dominoes [5:40]
04. Breathe [3:14]
05. Time [5:26]
06. Breathe Reprise [1:19]
07. High Hopes [9:13]
08. Echoes [23:46]
09. Wish You Were Here [5:36]
10. Comfortably Numb  [8:24]

This is the second time in a week I saw Pink Floyd, erhm
sorry, I mean David Gilmour. I liked the Paris Olympia
show a lot (see "He Spoke French!" FA024). At Paris, the
band seemed to enjoy themselves more, David was happy to
play in France and had a lot of fun and interaction with
the audience. The venue was very special too and a
majority of the audience was made of diehard fans and

Now Amsterdam First Night was very different. The type
of audience was more ecclectic, ranking from the usual
PF freaks to the housewife who was expecting to hear
Money but never heard of a song called Echoes. I won't
say the audience wasn't receptive or cold, but they were
very polite... I can't compare it better than with the
Japanese audience from the early seventies. It was a real
pleasure to be able to hear songs until the very very last
faded out note before they began to clap. It is very
enjoyable not to have to shout SIT YER FUK'N ASS DOWN.
Actually, in the middle of a song you might even think
this is a soundboard source, that's how quite and
respectful the audience was.

So yes, the venue wasn't on fire, and I admit the
performance was a little more mechanical than in Paris.
Maybe that the band felt the 'coolness' too, but in my
opinion and in terms of performance, this is one of the
best show from the European tour because they played
perfectly. All songs are flawless, Technical issues, unlike
on other nights, were minor and few (David "lost a bit
of guitar" just after A Pocketful of Stones but it didn't
screw up a song). The band gave the best of what they
could play, wrapped in stage smoke and laser shows that
hasn't to blemish from the comparison with the stadion
tours. Actually we are blessed David chose to play smaller
venues for this tour : half this show would be impossible
to play in open field or stadions. We couldn't have enjoyed
Dominoes, Wot's Uh Deal, and even this maestro
re-orchestration of Shine On anywhere else than in music

Who do we have here on stage? "The voice and guitar of
Pink Floyd" ; the original keyboard player and arranger ;
Dick Parry, the same sax as on the DSOTM album, the band's
first additional live musician ; Jon Carin who can be counted
as a fulltime live member since 1987 and also tours (and
will tour again) with good ol' Roger ; Guy Pratt, familiar
from the 94 tour too ; ... you bought a ticket for David
Gilmour, but you'll come out dreaming of the best Pink Floyd
show you've heard in years :-)

"..." - DG: "Sorry ?" - "You're 60!" - DG: "I know."
DG: "Right, we're gonna sing one more song here...
well, _ I _ am gonna sing it - they're gonna play it.
And this is called Where We Start. We're gonna take a
short break after this ... to regather our senses."
Some idiot: "SYD BARRETT I WISH YOU WERE HERE" DG: "Yeah yeah"
Some dude right before WTIO singing: "Is there anybody out there?"
Some other dude after CN: "Hey David, thank you very, very much"
and of course ... "YEESHKUL!"


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