Friday, April 15, 2016

RE-UP: David Gilmour live in Oakland 2006 - 3CD - April 17

David Gilmour
April 17, 2006
Paramount Theatre
Oakland, Ca

Disc 1
01 Breathe  4:04
02 Time  5:25
03 Breathe Reprise  2:23
04 Castellorizon  4:02
05 On An Island  7:59
06 The Blue  5:34
07 Red Sky At Night  3:26
08 This Heaven  4:43
09 Then I Close My Eyes  9:14
10 Smile  4:41
11 Take A Breath  6:52
12 A Pocketful Of Stones  6:21
13 Where We Start  7:31
Total Time 72:15

Disc 2
01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond pt I-V  12:07
02 Wearing The Inside Out  8:21
03 Fat Old Sun  7:11
04 Arnold Layne  3:54
05 Coming Back To Life  6:52
06 High Hopes  9:56
07 Echoes  24:44
Total Time 73:05

Disc 3
01 Wish You were Here  5:35
02 Comfortably Numb  10:09
Total Time 15:44


  Since the beginning of the tour Gilmour has played the whole new album during the first set of each show. Initially, the show would open with this album but on April 16th, the day before this performance the decision was made to take the Breathe-Time-Breathe reprise segment and move it to the beginning of the show. This allowed him to welcome the audience after playing these songs and then introduce the new album before any of it was played. This worked well so it was used again during this show. During the second set, Shine On and Wearing The Inside Out are played, as they have since the beginning of the tour. This is followed by Arnold Layne which is performed here for the first time since October 6th, 1967 making this a very special show. The song was then included in additional shows in both Europe and the US and is featured on the Gilmour commercial DVD as he sings the song with David Bowie. The remainder of the setlist included songs played consistently throughout the tour. Both source recordings were excellent but had different dynamics and slightly different sound characteristics. At times, there is a nice stereo separation so listening with earphones is recommended.

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