Monday, April 4, 2016

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Phoenix 1988 - 2CD - April 25

Phoenix, Az.

Mark Anderson Sony D6C Master with Realistic Boundary Mics
Recorder 3: This has never circulated until uploaded on a pink floyd
site earlier this year.

Disc 1
1. Concert Ad
2. Learning To Fly
3. Yet Another Movie, Round And Around
4. A New Machine I
5. Terminal Frost
6. A New Machine II
7. Sorrow
8. The Dogs Of War
9. On The Turning Away
10. One Of These Days
11. Time
12. On The Run

Disc 2
1. The Great Gig In The Sky
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Welcome To The Machine
4. Us And Them
5. Money
6. Another Brick In The Wall II
7. KUPD FM Event Coverage 1
8. KUPD FM Event Coverage 2
9. KUPD FM Event Coverage 3
10. KUPD FM Event Coverage 4
11. KUPD FM Event Coverage 5
12. KUPD FM Event Coverage 6
13. KUPD FM Event Coverage 7
14. KUPD FM Event Coverage 8
15. KUPD FM Event Coverage 9
16. KUPD FM Event Coverage 10
17. KUPD FM Event Coverage 11
18. KUPD FM Event Coverage 12
19. KUPD FM Event Coverage 13
20. KUPD FM Event Coverage 14
21. KUPD FM Event Coverage 15
22. KUPD FM Event Coverage 16
23. KUPD FM Event Coverage 17

original notes from taper:
This show was performed at a baseball field that was grossly undersized for a band
of this stature. As far as I can recall a concert of this magnitude was never
performed at this location. Blame it on the promoters or whatever, this show was an
absolute nightmare for anyone who had tickets on the field. The problem was that no one
had ever worked the venue before and the ushers did not know where to send anyone to get
onto the field. Out of probably 9 walkways down through the bleachers, only 2 would let
you onto the field, none of the ushers knew which one so it was hit and miss. The walkways
through the bleachers are barely wide enough for two people to pass and when the path did
not lead to the field you would turn around and walk back up and try the next one. This went
on for a half hour and by the time I heard the starting notes to Shine On, I grabbed my girl
friend and we jumped over the infield wall which was quite a drop. This quickly led to ushers
on the field chasing us thinking we were crashers and they did catch a lot of other folks,
fortunately for us we out ran them and hid in the crowd. Then it was a chore just to find
our seats. That is why I happily named this recording  "SIT DOWN MOTHER @#*&ER"  as you can
hear from time to time angry mobs yelling this at the folks who continually walked around
throughout the show trying to find their seats.

At the time I was using a Sony D6C cassette deck that I had smuggled in by a girl friend
strapped to her thigh since they were searching folks and two radio shack mikes
taped into the inside of a baseball cap. The foam inside the hat was cut
where the mike elements are located and the fabric on the outside left in place
to conceal the mikes. This setup worked really well since it put the mikes up
above the audience and the P.A. system was above our heads due to the height of the stage.
The only downside was that you could not move your head or the sound shifted.
So there I stood like a mic stand.

Because of the difficulties getting to our seats I missed "Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V" &
"Signs of Life" from the beginning and because I was totally sick of the situation and venue
I missed "Comfortably Numb", "One Slip" & "Run Like Hell" at the end.

Before leaving for the 2 hour drive to the concert, I hooked up a beta hi-fi VCR to an FM
receiver and managed to pick up the signal from an FM station 120 miles away that was
broadcasting reports from the venue. Those reports are included on Disc 2. Unfortunately
they mentioned that an exclusive interview was coming up with David Gilmour but I did not
catch that as the tape ran out and I was not there to change it.


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