Thursday, April 28, 2016

RE-UP: Pink Floyd "The Wall - Original Film Sessions" - 2CD

Pink Floyd
January 01, 1980
The Wall - Original Film Sessions
Early Audio Pre-release Soundboard Mix for the Official Movie

I got this in trade with a fellow subscriber of the old Brain Damage Magazine back in 1995. This has a completely different sound then what you are used to. There are some different lyrics and you can hear instruments and sounds in this mix used throughout the recording that were buried in the official release. This is a true gem.

Two songs at the end of CD 2 are filler songs that came on the tape. The first two songs are from an unknown live Roger Waters concert. What I find interesting is that WYWH is a very quiet relaxed version without drums for the most part of the first half of the song. Nice version. Following is Brain Damage/Eclipse from the same live unknown concert date. A VERY bluesy version of Eclipse in which Roger actually asks the audience to sign along during the middle of the song. It then turns into more of a Hard Rock song in the end. Easily my favorite version of the song.

Disc 1

01. Little Boy Santa Claus Forgot
02. In The Flesh?
03. The Thin Ice
04. Another Brick In The Wall pt 1
05. When The Tigers Broke Free
06. Goodbye Blue Sky
07. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/ Another Brick In The Wall pt 2
08. Mother
09. Empty Spaces
10. Young Lust
11. One Of My Turns
12. Don't Leave Me Now
13. Another Brick In The Wall pt 3
14. Goodbye Cruel World
15. Is There Anybody Out There?

Disc 2

01. Nobody Home
02. Vera
03. Bring The Boys Back Home
04. Comfortably Numb
05. In the Flesh
06. Run Like Hell
07. Waiting For The Worms
08. The Trial
09. Outside The Wall


10. Waters - Wish You Were Here
11. Waters - Brain Damage/ Eclipse

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