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RE-UP: Pink Floyd live at Werchter Festival 1994 - 2CD - September 2



Source:  September 2nd, 1994 - Festivalweide , Werchter, Belgium .

Album notes:  Performance in the European part of the world tour "Tour '94" in 1994, promoting the album "The Division Bell."

Standard set for 1994 years in a typical system works (before the "Sorrow," the team "A Great Day For Freedom ", while in the second part did not play at all," Us And Them " ).

Not the best quality, this is one of the technically inferior bootlegs from 1994. The material comes from a source, conventionally designated as the first Recorder Despite recording made ??from a distance, d increased and vocals are quite clear, without major disruption.

In most preserved the continuity of the concert. Write divided into 2 segments, but contrary to the actual course of the show. Not very thorough indexing.

Show identification:

First set starts with „Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. „Take It Back” and „A Great Day For Freedom” were performed before „Sorrow”. In second set „Us And Them” was not performed at all. Guy Pratt yelled [„...back to Belgium...”] during „Run Like Hell”.

X-ref:  "Werchter Master".

Disc 1:

   1. Applause  (2:40)

   2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond – part 1-5  (11:48)

   3.Learning To Fly  (5:08)

   4. What Do You Want From Me?  (5:07)

   5. On The Turning Away  (7:37)

   6. Take It Back  (6:13)

   7. A Great Day For Freedom  (5:09)

   8. Sorrow  (11:54)

   9. Keep Talking

       One Of These Days

       Astronomy Domine

       Breathe  (22:53)

Disc 2:

   1. Time  (5:30)

   2. Breathe Reprise   (1:10)

   3. High Hopes  (7:51)

   4. The Great Gig In The Sky  (5:23)

   5. Wish You Were Here  (6:22)

   6. Money  (9:56)

   7. Another Brick In The Wall – part 2  (8:11)

   8. Comfortably Numb  (12:14)

   9. Hey You

       Run Like Hell  (15:48)


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