Wednesday, May 18, 2016

RE-UP: Pink Floyd live in Pasadena 1994 - 2CD - April 17

Pink Floyd
April 17, 1994  Recorder 2
Pasadena, CA

CD 1:  (70:38 total)

1. Astronomy Domine & Learning To Fly                (10:04)
2. What Do You Want From Me & A Great Day For Freedom (9:27)
3. Sorrow & Take It Back                             (15:50)
4. On The Turning Away                                (7:33)
5. Keep Talking & One Of These Days                  (13:12)
6. Shine On 1-5 & Breathe       (14:28)

CD 2:  (70:48 total)

1. Time & High Hopes (15:00)
2. WYWH & Another Brick Part 2 (11:54)
3. Great Gig In The Sky & Us And Them (12:27)
4. Money  (8:21)
5. Comfortably Numb  (9:36)
6. Hey You  (4:55)
7. Run Like Hell  (8:31)

As with other recordings that I have posted, this was in a trade around 1999.
It was on 2 CD-R's. I don't remember who gave it to me, but there was no
bootleg title on it. It was only labeled "4-17-1994". I downloaded "Jurrasic
Sparks" and the "1st Gen" of that recorder, but this is a different source.
Gilmour's comments to the crowd are the same, so it is indeed the same concert.

Noticeable DIFFERENCES are:

1. This source is crisper and sounds closer than the JSparks source.

2. This source has someone near the recorder saying "They're hot" right before
Gilmour says "Thank You very much. Good evening to you." JSparks does not.

3. This source has people near the recorder guessing which song is next by
saying "On the turning away", "Yeah", "Right", and "Classic" right before
"A Great Day For Freedom" begins. JSparks does not. Instead, JSparks has
several people saying "Sit Down!" and a lady who starts singing the first line
of "On The Turning Away" right before "A Great Day For Freedom" starts.

4. On this source, during the "Money" intro sound effects, a man near the
recorder yells "Hey Dan!"  On JSparks, the yell is missing.

5. On this source, after "Hey You", someone near the recorder says what sounds
like "Very favorite." On JSparks, that comment is missing.

6. On JSparks, during the intro of "Run Like Hell", someone near the recorder
yells "Get Out!" and a minute later, a man starts coughing. On this source,
none of that is heard. Instead, this source has a man yelling what sounds
like "Gilmour!" and "Ever more!" during that intro section.

This "Recorder 2" has a little tape hiss during some songs in the second half
of the show, but it's really only noticeable during quiet intros to songs like
WYWH or US and Them. Maybe the person who has the master tapes will see this
and share!


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