Monday, June 13, 2016

NEW: Pink Floyd live in Hakone Aphrodite 1971 - 2CD - August 6

Pink Floyd
'71 Hakone Aphrodite (Open Air Festival)
Venue: Joufudai, Seikei University campus, Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan
Dates: August 6, 1971
Recorder 4

Tape Info:
Sony HF-370
7.5 ips (19.05 cm/s)
1st Generation Reel-to-reel
Duophonic Stereo
Recorded by T. Kuroshima

<Duophonic Stereo (Raw)>
01. Atom Heart Mother (Side 1)
02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Side 1)
03. Echoes (Side 2)

Total time: 54min 23sec

<Remaster Mono>
01. Atom Heart Mother
02. Echoes
03. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Total time: 54min 21sec

In 2015, an astonishing source has been discovered: A new recording of the first day of Hakone Aphrodite. Since there are already other three sources available, I name this "Recorder 4." It should be noted that unlike the other sources, "Echoes" is totally uncut and includes Roger's words "This is the new piece, it's called Echoes" at the beginning. Also, "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" is included for the first time ever.
The source, originally recorded in mono, was cut down to 60 minutes during the duplication and given to the original taper's cousin. Unfortunately, the edited copy was improperly mixed into fake stereo (Time delay one channel slightly), which caused the jumpiness in the audio. Though "Recorder 4" has already been released by a bootlegger under the title of "HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: MASTER RECORDING (Sigma 138)," here I release it again with my best restoration of the above problem. My remaster uses the same digital copy as that of the bootleg.
The box of the tape says "August 7th, 1971," but this date must be wrong because the taper of Recorder 3 including the same performance said he had attended only the first day of Hakone Aphrodite. In addition, according to the cousin of the taper of Recorder 4, he attended just one day, which means that "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" in this source is from the first day.

Given this new source, now the following must be the actual set list:
Atom Heart Mother
Green Is The Colour
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
A Saucerful Of Secrets

Download this bootleg here

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