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NEW: Pink Floyd live in Zurich 1977 - 2DVD - February 3

Pink Floyd
1977 February 03
Hallenstadion, Zu¨rich, Switzerland

This one is not to be missed !!!

Original notes :
set 1
1. intro
2. Sheep
3. Pigs on the Wing (part 1)
4. Dogs
5. Pigs on the Wing (part 2)
6. Pigs (3 Different Ones)

set 2
7. Shine On false start (technical difficulties)
8. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
9. Welcome To The Machine
10. Have A Cigar
11. Wish You Were Here
12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)
13. Money

This show was mixed live in quadraphonic (4.0 surround), captured by 3 strategically located tapers and mastered in 5.1 surround sound. This is the actual surround mix as heard at the show with nothing simulated or remixed.

Recorder 1 is closest to the stage and to the left. Stereo with 1 mic aimed at the stage and the other aimed at the left surround speaker stack.
Recorder 2 is closer to the right surround stack than the stage.
Recorder 3 is in the back directly in front of the rear surround speaker stack.

Recorder 1
title: Zurich Master Speedcorrected (Recorder 1), source: cass(master) > cdr(?), stereo
Lineage is missing speed correction info.
Recorder 2
title: Zu¨rich rec2/gen1, source: cass[1]>DAT[1]>CDR[2], mono but with stereo cassette transfer artifacts
Recorder 3
Dsto0-Pacco stereo master (BASF CrO2) > Nakamichi ZX-7 > Tascam HDP2 > 24 bit 96KHz wav

5.1 Master:
Protools HD2 for mastering
Serato Pitch n' Time plugin used for speed correction.
WAV -> MLP compression (SurCode MLP) -> DVDA disc image (DiscWelder Chrome)
DVDA is 24 bit 96KHz 5.1 surround sound
Sound quality: A- (Half of Dogs thru Pigs is B-)

General notes:
This project started when I first heard the 3rd recorder that Pacco posted. It was the most distant sounding recording possible punctuated with the most upfront bursts of tape effects and bits of solos that would suddenly fade up from the distance and back again. Obviously a recording from the back of the room and directly in front of the rear surround speaker stack. The 1st digital transfer of this was poor (distorted & mono). Neonknight was able to arrange a professional transfer of Pacco's tape and this project was on.

Tape Notes:
Recorder 1
This is well recorded and the creative mic positioning worked well. The louder parts and louder guitar leads start to distort the mics and/or tape. This copy has been digitized at only 16 bit, 44.1KHz and had further processing done (digital speed correction and possibly more) at that lower resolution. This exaggerates the distortion and makes for piercing painful listening. There are also artifacts from CD disc errors.

Recorder 2
This is poorly recorded. It is distant enough to be challenging in the first place. The recording is low fidelity with almost no capture of cymbals and other higher frequency details. There are wild speed fluctuations from a failing tape drive. This was digitized at 16 bit, 44.1KHz which does a poor job capturing the remains of sound quality this buried.

Recorder 3
This is well recorded and professionally digitized at 24 bit, 96KHz. You might have to study it for a moment to realize that because it's a recording of the very back of the venue. This captured the ambient sound along with a very discreet recording of the real surround speaker stack. The loudest parts distort the mic/tape a little or maybe the level was set too high for the direct surround parts which were quite loud compared to the ambience here in the back.

All 3 tapes are incomplete and rec1 is missing the entire 2nd half of the 1st set. Rec3 is missing the encore. The performance is complete between all 3 recorders.


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