Saturday, July 15, 2017

FLAC: Pink Floyd live in London 1967 - 1CD - January 20 - soundboard

UFO Club
31 Tottenham Court Road
January 20th 1967 (also listed as 27th)

Performance shown during the Granada TV Documental
'It's So Far Out It's Straight Down'
broadcast on March 8th 1967

Source: U-matic tape > cass[1] > MD > CDR(2) > SHN > wav > SF & CDWave > FLAC
Length: 7:52m

1. MATILDA MOTHER (2:52m) w/ voiceover
2. INTERESTELLAR OVERDRIVE (4:16m) w/ voiceover
3. More IO (0:45m)

 I tracked this from the whole documentary. I include here the last tune of
 the documentary, which to me sounds as Interestellar Overdrive. Also, Matilda
 includes an additional verse than the usual versions from the compilations,
 it's just a verse and then 30 seconds of voice and then the song starts again,
 but I decided to include it since it's part of the song. EX- sound (for a '67
 recording). I always this listed as January 20th or 27th, i suppose January 20
 this the one right. I think the date of the broadcast of the documentary is
 about right too. -gbc

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