Saturday, July 15, 2017

FLAC: Pink Floyd live in London 1972 - 2CD - February 20

Pink Floyd
In Celebration Of The Comet (The Coming Of Kohoutek)
Rainbow Theatre
London, UK

LP Vinyl Transfer

Side One (20:33)
01. Breathe
02. The Travel Sequence
03. Time
04. The Mortality Sequence

Side Two (20:45)
05. The Mortality Sequence (ends)
06. Money
07. Us & Them
08. The Scat Sequence
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

The date of this performance has been listed in various permutations as 1972.02.17, when the actual date was reportedly 1972.02.20.

Lineage: Audience (details unknown) > Original Vinyl (TAKRL 1903) > NAD 5120 turntable + Nagaoka MP-11 Cartridge > SP-2 Stereo Phono Preamplifier > CD Spin Doctor > aiff > flac level 6 > you. Sound quality is B+ or better.

This is a popular and widely circulated bootleg album from Pink Floyd. The performance featured a musical piece referred to at the time as "The Eclipse Suite," which would later become "Dark Side of the Moon."

Note the song titles: “The Travel Sequence,” “The Mortality Sequence,” and “The Scat Sequence,” which later evolved into “On The Run,” “The Great Gig In The Sky,” and “Any Colour You Like.”

I purchased this album in the 1970’s & with little wear it has maintained its luster, although some snap, crackle & pop exist. I did no post-transfer treatments. The center hole of the vinyl is a tad bit wide, which may add the least bit of wobble.

I have provided 2 versions of this vinyl transfer. One option is Sides 1 & 2 as two individual tracks. The second option is all 10 tracks breaks. Scan composite of the cover is also included. Enjoy.

Download this bootleg here

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