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FLAC: Pink Floyd live in Louisville 1977 - 1CD - June 17

Pink Floyd
Freedom Hall, Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, Louisville, KY, USA
17 June 1977

Lineage: Master transfer to CDR > FLAC > iZotope RX4 & Reaper v4.61 > FLAC (16bit/44.1kHz)

xACT used to create FFP

01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
02 Welcome To The Machine
03 Have A Cigar
04 Wish You Were Here
05 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX) cuts
06 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX) continues
07 Money

Total running time: 1 hour 7 minutes 18 seconds

Congratulations and many thanks to 78jazz for finding and sharing this very nice sounding recording close to 40 years after it was taped.

Unfortunately we only have the second set and, when asked, the taper didn't reply about whether any more exists. 78jazz thinks this taper possibly had some other unreleased goodies. He asked about Rush, Yes, and the J. Geils Band and received affirmative responses.

My thanks to goldenband for providing the details that follow. The speed is spot on.

I asked goldenband whether we can be certain the recording is from Louisville?

He replied, "It's clearly from June/July 1977 since after Rick's piano solo in SOYCD Part IX, they replaced the synth solo with a guitar solo. As far as I know that only started in June 1977, since the May shows still have the synth solo. Then I compared it to all of the circulating shows from June/July 1977 with SOYCD VI-IX: 1977-06-19, 1977-06-25, 1977-06-27, 1977-06-29, 1977-07-01, 1977-07-02, 1977-07-03, 1977-07-04, 1977-07-06, and none of them matched.

"The later guitar solos tend to start with a rising triplet melody like what we famously hear on 1977-07-02, but the Louisville one begins with a high note that's oddly out of place and is quite distinctive. Snowy also hits a major wrong note when he comes in for his solo turn, at about 7:42.

"The only other possibility is 1977-06-15 which is missing that part of SOYCD 6-9, and I was a bit worried at first since there are some similarities in other parts of the show. But when I loaded the two performances of SOYCD 1-5 up next to each other, it's clear they're from different shows; Rick's noodling before Syd's theme is completely different.

"During the WYWH radio bit a speaker mentions Dixie Highway, which runs through Louisville. That pretty much clinches it.

"It's an interestingly weird show too, or at least set, with a couple very strange events: during WYWH, either Roger is attempting to sing along with Gilmour in a deeply off-kilter way, or there's some kind of effect propagating certain words ("change", "role") back at David after a delay. Very odd."

There is a review in Glenn Povey's Complete Pink Floyd book from the Louisville Courier Journal which is worth reading. It states that 19,000 people attended and the band's quad sound system included 80 400-watt amplifiers. It's not surprising then that the recording has a lot of distortion due to mic overload. The tape was transferred a bit hot and I fixed some digital clipping in iZotope.

Download this bootleg here

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