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FLAC: Pink Floyd live in Oakland 1988 - 2CD - April 22 - soundboard

Pink Floyd
1988-04-22 - Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA

This release has originally recorded from an FM Broadcast on 97.3 KRQR in San Francisco. This comes from the cassette masters that a friend of mine recorded sometime in 1990. The tapes have gone through hell and back including dampness and moisture build up from being in storage for so long.

FM Broadcast Cassette Masters -> NEC AUK-8000E Deck -> Total Recorder 4.5 -> SB Live 24Bit -> Wav -> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> Flac Front End (level 5) -> Flac

Disc:  1

01. Signs Of Life
02. Learning To Fly
03. Yet Another Movie
04. A New Machine (part 1)
05. Terminal Frost
06. A New Machine (part 2)
07. Sorrow
08. Dogs Of War
09. On The Turning Away
10. One Of These Days
11. Time
12. On The Run

Disc:  2

01. The Great Gig In The Sky
02. Wish You Were Here
03. Welcome To The Machine
04. Us And Them
05. Money
06. Another Brick In The Wall  (part 2)
07. Comfortably Numb
08. One Slip
09. Run Like Hell

I'm dissapointed that Shine On You Crazy Diamond was not on this recording. Unfortunately, I was not at this show and cannot confirm if it was played or not - as I arrived into the Bay Area in 1991. Although a release from the next day by T, shows that it was played (on the 23rd.) Maybe the entire show was too long for the station to broadcast. One thing I will say is that there is a really funky version of Money, and alot of popping on the bass. Very interesting show indeed.

Before danlynch complains about the quality, While transferring this into digital format I noticed that the tapes were in poor condition and this recording is not the best. It's over-modulated in a few areas, there are a few pops and even some drop outs directly from the cassette and there are also a few warbly areas probably caused by moisture and dampness because these tapes were misplaced and in storage for many years. Run Like Hell is not listenable after 3/4 through the song.

This is my very first attempt at seeding a show from cassette and as a future project, if someone with better equipment, and more experience would like to re-release this, please contact me. I'm just throwing this show out here for grabs as a filler in the tie being because I want to see what else surfaces. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another poorly planned, corporate cut-throat, maneuver and see a better copy of this show magically appear from danlynch and his butt-buddys within the next few days after they find out that this low quality copy was released. Never fails.

Download this bootleg here

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