Sunday, July 16, 2017

FLAC: Pink Floyd live in Paris 1974 - 2CD - June 24

Pink Floyd Palais De Sports, Paris France 1974-06-24 TheTooleMan's remastering of a fresh transfer from the original reels - major sound improvement!

First of all, I can't go any further without personally thanking TheTooleMan for his great remastering job on this torrent. This was a messy, arduous process that involved trying to separate the music from the tape hiss. To that end, I'd like to offer up the following for discussion.

There is a point in time where frequency response matters less than what sort of musical sound is available for the ear to actually hear. Both of the prior transfers show SA from 20-20000Hz, but this one does not, and to your humble seeder should not. It's purposely cut off at a very low upper frequency just above the end of the recorder's response, leaving the hiss and noise behind. This has the effect of moving the portion of the response which actually contains the music forward. What remained has been EQ'd to bring as many of the sounds out as possible.

To wit (and I'd like your impressions on it): In this particular case, it wasn't what frequencies were on the tape. It was what frequencies contained music. Actually, that's a bit of nonsense to avoid me being blunt about it. What I really mean to say is *to the ears, it sounds a whole lot better, and to hell with the frequency response*.

Dowload it, listen to it, and see if you agree...


CD 1

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (20:49)
Tuneups (1:30)
Raving And Drooling (10:01)
Tuneups (2:05)
Echoes (23:12)

CD 2

Speak To Me (4:41)
Breathe (3:11)
On The Run (5:51)
Time (6:41)
The Great Gig In The Sky (6:35)
Money (7:16)
Us And Them (7:40)
Any Colour You Like (7:10)
Brain Damage (3:36)
Eclipse (1:51)
Tuneups And Audience Teases (3:44)
One Of These Days (8:10)

Some technical notes: The file sizes are a whole lot smaller this time around. It's believed (though not yet confirmed) this bootleg was remastered into the original mono. The original reels are NOT in stereo. The hiss might have been, but not the music.

This is a 16 bit version.

Download this bootleg here

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